Manchester United: Heinze NOT for sale

Rumours that Gareth Bale had interested Manchester United, and Juve’s fantasy that Heinze would consider hopping over to a club in Serie B (which wouldn’t play the Champions League until 2008-2009, and that’s being very optimistic) has got some idiot rumour-mongers saying that Manchester United are willing to let go of Gabby Heinze if the right offer is made and if his sale can help bring in some like Mavuba or Hargreaves.

For those of you who are actually dumb enough to believe this, here’s why Manchester United WON’T be selling Heinze – not this winter, not in next summer either.

1 – Heinze is our best left back

Anyone who thinks that Evra is first-choice for Manchester United doesn’t know the first thing about football. Yes, Evra has pace, and is a naturally attacking player, but his defending is horrible, and is crossing is just as bad. Heinze is a mile ahead of Evra as a defender (even when he’s half-fit), and let’s face it, who would you rather pick against Barcelona – Heinze or Evra?

Players are judged by their ability to perform against the biggest clubs in the world, like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Juve, Bayern (also the rich clubs like Chelsea, or the wannabes, like Arsenal). Evra would be lucky to be a substitute against those teams. Heinze would be a sure starter.

So the question is – with Bale still a kid, why would Manchester United sell their best defender, who’s just 28 and after coming back from a serious injury should give us at least 2 years of quality defending?

2 – Manchester United don’t need to sell

Manchester United have the funds necessary to bring in a couple of players in January – if they feel the need to. Right now, if we ARE moving for Bale we’re only doing so because we want to snap talent before other clubs do – Bale will be out on loan for the next 18 months if Manchester United sign him. If Bale would cost 5 mil, and Hargreaves another 15-20 mil, I think Manchester United have that kind of money to spend on those two players. The question is IF United want to buy them, not whether they need to sell to buy them, because they don’t.

3 – Heinze doesn’t want to go

He’s said so himself during the summer that he liked being at Manchester United and that he wanted to repay Alex Ferguson for the faith he showed in him for supporting him throughout his season-long injury (not to mention his desire to play for his country that kept him away from Old Trafford in first couple of months after his signing).

Nothing to see here I’m afraid. Heinze ain’t being sold, not to Bayern (they have Lucio and van Buyten as central defenders, Lahm as left-back, why would they sign Heinze? To make him sit on the bench?), not to Juve (no CL for two years).

Alan Smith, on the other hand, could be sold 🙂 Think about that…