Manchester United 2006/2007 Season Review

If you’re an old (relatively) reader of Soccerlens, you’ll remember that back before the season started, I did a week-long preview for the club, looking at the squad from different aspects and at SAF’s future.

Now that the season is over and with news that Owen Hargreaves is set to leave Bayern Munich, it’s also time to put the previous season to rest with a detailed season review.

I’ll follow more or less the same format as I did in the season preview – look at how the kids performed (out at loan, obviously, as apart from the early league cup exit and a dead rubber against Chelsea the kids never really got to play), how the old guard did, whether the stars are still the stars and if the deadwood we’re carrying still needs to be thrown out.

Here’s the post listing for what I’ll be writing about (starting Monday):

  • Manchester United’s kids are better than yours
  • Manchester United’s old guard must be changed
  • Some players aren’t good enough for Manchester United
  • We need more match-winners
  • SAF’s legacy
  • The best and worst of United’s season
  • Manchester United – 06/07 Season Review – again

Hope you’ll enjoy the week-long show.

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Manchester United's old guard must be changed


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