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If you enjoy the thrill of buying lottery tickets, then did you know that you can play global lotteries in the UK at many UK sportsbooks? The Polish Lottery is one of the most popular and now, thanks to Sportslens, you can get the latest Polish Lottery results in the UK right here!

If you want to learn a little about the  in the UK then we’ve got you covered there too, as this page acts as your perfect Polish lottery portal.

Polish Lottery Results today for 05 July 2022

Here for you now are the latest Polish Lottery results. Check back here for the latest Polish Lottery statistics whenever you like!

Ball One Ball Two Ball Three Ball Four Ball Five Ball Six
Polish Lotto 7 17 18 19 29 44
Polish Lotto+ 8 9 21 34 39 41

Picking the numbers for any lottery is a complete lucky dip, but if you’re a superstitious type of person one of the best ways of making your choices is to make a selection from the balls that are currently running hot and cold. Here are Poland’s latest steamy and icy balls.

Hot Balls 12 24 29 39 41 1
Cold Balls 36 30 33 40 43 16

Bet on Polish Lottery in the UK

If you are wondering where you can buy tickets for the Polish lottery in the UK, then there’s a simple answer for you – you can’t! You have to be a resident of Poland to buy tickets for either of the Polish lottery draws – the main Lotto draw or the Lotto+ draw. So, how do you, in the UK, enter the Polish lottery?

As opposed to entering the Polish Lottery you bet on the outcome. If that sounds a little strange, it’s only a little different to buying a lottery ticket in the UK – you’re ‘wagering’ your £2 ticket cost in the hope that your six numbers come up! As well as the Polish lottery, you can bet on several other international lotteries such as the 49’s, New York, Spanish and Irish lotteries too at top UK betting sites.

Below you will find a list of the hottest sportsbook and online casinos in the UK where you able to bet on the Polish Lottery.

UK’s Best Bookmakers for Polish Lottery Betting

How to Play the Polish Lottery in the UK

There are actually two main lotteries in Poland – the normal ‘Polish Lotto’ and the ‘Polish Lotto+’ – and these are the two you are most likely to be able to bet on. The other two Polish lotteries – the Mini Lotto and Kaskada (‘Cascade’) and not usually available to be played. The main Polish Lotto began as long ago as 1957, with the Lotto+ added more recently. The Lotto+ can be entered in Poland as long as you buy a main lottery ticket. Prizes for the Lotto+ though are far smaller than for the Polish Lotto.

The Polish Lottery draw picks out six balls from the 49 that are available. Unlike most other lotteries, no bonus ball is drawn. The Lotto+ draw uses an identical format. To bet on the Polish Lottery results UK head to the ‘lottery’ section of the online sportsbook you are using to bet. You should only find options for the main lotto draw.

There are three lottery draws in Poland per week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. When you bet on the Polish Lottery, make sure you are betting on the correct draw.

polish lottery results

You now need to choose up to five numbers. Remember you are betting on these numbers being drawn, not buying a ticket for the lottery, so all the numbers you bet on (up to five) must come out in order for your bet to be a winning one.

At some sites you can bet on more than five numbers. If you bet on the Polish Lottery results at Betfred, for example, you can bet on up to eight numbers. If you include more than five numbers, the other numbers are available as combo bets if you want to take them. The maximum win is five balls, even if you pick more than five numbers. This means that if you select six numbers you have the chance of betting on six singles, 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 four-folds and 6 five folds. You can bet on any of these combo bets, or just one of them.

Your ‘fee’ for paying the Polish Lottery is also up to you, again because you are betting on the lottery as opposed to buying a ticket for it. Choose your stake in line with the sportsbook’s minimum and maximum amount. If you are betting on the Polish Lottery results at Betfred the minimum accepted wager is £0.05. There is no maximum stake, but the maximum payout Betfred will make is £1million.

Polish Draw Times and Schedule

As we have already mentioned, there are three weekly lottery draws in Poland on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Polish Lotto and Polish Lotto+ are drawn at the same time. In terms of UK time the draw takes place at 8.50pm. Bear in mind that due to differences in daylight saving changes, that time may be an hour earlier or an hour later during brief periods of the year although Poland does generally change the clocks on the same days as the UK.

Polish Payouts and Odds

If you’ve bet on the Polish Lottery in the UK and you hear that the latest jackpot is something like £10million, you may get a little excited. That’s a little premature, though – as you can only bet on the lottery as opposed to buying a ticket for it, you are not eligible for a share of the jackpot. You will not get paid for six numbers if six come up, anyway (unless you have bet on six as a combo bet).

The payouts for the Polish lottery in the UK are set by the bookmaker where you place your bet. If you consult the table below, you’ll see the most common odds offered by online bookmakers in the UK for the Polish lottery.

Balls Matched Odds
5 150,000/1
4 10,000/1
3 700/1
2 65/1
1 6/1

So, if you stake £5 on four balls and all four balls come up, you would win £50,000 (plus you would also get your £5 stake back for a total return of £50,005).

Remember, ALL your numbers have to come up in order for you to win, unless you have bet on a combo bet. If you’ve placed a straight bet on five numbers and four lucky balls pop out of the lottery machine, then you don’t win anything.

Ways You Can Bet on the Polish Lottery

Giving the option to punters to bet on the Polish Lottery is not as popular as other lotteries in the UK, such as the 49’s, Irish, Spanish and New York lotteries. This means your options are a bit limited – only usually to straight bets and combinations bets. Below is an explanation of each.

Straight Bet

With a straight bet you bet on one, two, three, four or five numbers coming up in your selected draw. As has been previously explained, ALL your chosen numbers have to come up in order for you to win. If you bet on four numbers and three pop out of the draw machine, your bet loses and you don’t win anything.

Combination Bet

Combo bets allow you to cover more options. The number of numbers you can bet on varies depending on the bookmaker you have chosen – if you bet on the Polish Lottery results at Betfred it’s a maximum of eight.

You can cover as many or as little options as you want. For example, if you bet on seven numbers the following bets are available:

  • 7 singles
  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 four-folds
  • 21 five-folds

There are no six-folds as betting sites will only pay out for a maximum of five numbers.

That’s a total of 119 bets, so at £1 per bet (although you can vary your wager per bet type) that an outlay of £119 for a potential return that’s over £1million if six balls match six of the seven numbers you have selected.

You can of course lower your outlay too by omitting specific types of bets in your overall combination bet. In our example above we could omit all singles and doubles to lower the bet by £28, and our overall potential returns will still be over £1million.

Polish Lottery Predictions and Tips

You’ve probably come across people, sites and apps that claim they can confidently predict which balls will come out next in the Polish Lottery. These tips are harmless enough unless they ask you to pay money for them – it is far better to use that money to bet on the Polish Lottery instead.

Such tips usually involve the selection of hot and cold numbers. There is nothing wrong with bet on hot numbers, cold numbers or a combination of both, but it will pay you to remember that all lottery draws are random. Lottery machines do not have memories, so if a specific number has not been drawn for some time the machine does not ‘select it’ to even things out.

Here are some much better tips that should enable you to get the most out of your Polish Lottery betting.

  • Get the best odds – The odds offered by betting sites for the Polish Lottery are fixed, but they differ per sportsbook. The odds for getting five balls right may be better at Betfred than they are at William Hill, for example. Conversely, the odds for getting four balls right may be better at William Hill than at Betfred. Always check to make sure you’re getting preferable odds.
  • Use combo bets – You can increase your chances of winning by using combo bets. We would definitely recommend backing six numbers, as opposed to five. If you bet £1 on five numbers, your potential winnings are £150,000. If you bet £0.17 (total £1.02) your potential winnings rise to £153,000 if all six numbers come in, but if you miss out by one you will still win £25,500 – worth the extra two pence!
  • Form a syndicate – The more lines you have in a lottery, the more chances you have of winning. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money every week chasing as many lines as you can afford, then why not ask your friends if they want to form a syndicate? That way, you can combine your bets to significantly increase your chances of winning, although of course all prizes will have to be shared out.
  • Stick with the same numbers – if you stop playing the Polish Lottery, or if you change your numbers, then make sure you don’t check your old numbers going forward! There can be no worse feeling than finding out your ‘usual’ numbers would have won a substantial prize if you had played them. For that reason, we suggest that once you start playing a lottery, you stick with it and keep the same numbers.

Big Polish Lottery Winners

polish lottery resultsBetting on the Polish Lottery has yet to make anyone in the UK a millionaire, but there have been some big winners. In 2022 at Warrington man placed two £4 bets on four numbers at Betfred and one of them came up, winning him a pleasing total of £42,000. His good fortune was on the back of a £2,000 win just the previous week!

In 2020 another lucky punter at Betfred stake a mere pound on four numbers (which seems to be the most popular and most profitable Polish Lottery bet) and was happy to see them all pop out of the lottery drawing machine, winning £10,000.

Unfortunately, we cannot find details of the all-time biggest winners on the Polish lottery. The information is probably out there, but infortunately our Polish is just not up to scratch!

Final Thoughts

The Polish Lottery is not the biggest in the world, but it is certainly one of the most frequent, being drawn three times a week as opposed to the much more common two. The size of the lottery does not matter when you are betting on it anyway – you’d win the same if you got the right numbers on any lottery that a sportsbook takes bets on.

Why not bet on the Polish Lottery results tonight and see if the Polish Lottery latest results match your selections! Play Polish lottery bets at any of our recommended online sportsbooks!

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