French Lottery Results in the UK 05 July 2022



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There are endless ways in which you can enjoy online gambling. Everything from casino games to sports betting and poker is all covered for you. One of the recent developments in the sector in recent times is people in the UK having the ability to bet on the outcome of some of the world’s biggest lotteries.

Instead of buying tickets to these draws, you can use the leading betting sites to place wagers on the outcome. One of the most popular lotteries in Europe is undoubtedly the French Lottery. It has a huge amount of history and offers some truly amazing prizes.

Most leading betting sites will have markets on offer which allow you to wager on the draw. This particular French Lottery results page does exactly what it says on the tin – give you information about the latest French Lottery results and gives you an overview of everything else you need to know about betting on the French Lottery. 

Get the latest French Lottery results today for 05 July 2022

With the draws of the French Lotto taking place every week, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get in on the action. The draw is similar to many of the other leading national lotteries that you will come across, including the Irish Lottery and German Lottery. Therefore, if you have bet on other lotteries before, doing so on the French Lottery is going to be a breeze.

If you do not have the time to tune into the live French Lottery results, then you can come to visit this page to check the French Lottery results of today. There are regular updates for this page, so you can always check-in to see if your French Lottery numbers come up trumps or not in the most recent draws. Here is a look at the latest French Lotto results today:

Draw Date Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3 Ball 4 Ball 5 Bonus
June 20 14 23 27 47 48 3
June 18 1 12 28 31 32 9
June 15 11 13 21 37 44 6
June 13 31 43 44 45 46 10
June 11 4 7 10 11 28 8

Bet on the French Lottery in the UK 

Betting on lotteries is very popular these days, with most betting sites covering major lotteries in this regard, such as the New York Lottery and Spanish Lottery. The French Lottery gets plenty of attention as it is one of the biggest lotteries on the continent.

This is why you should have no shortage of quality sports betting sites to use when you’re looking to place these types of wagers. Some of the more obscure types of lotteries will get nowhere near the same amount of coverage.

As well as making sure that an online betting site supports French Lottery betting, you also want to be sure that it also ticks other boxes. This includes making sure that the operator has a good reputation, has an easy-to-use platform, and there are other fun types of gambling options available.

After testing all of the leading betting sites in the space, including some of the newer bookmakers to recently hit the market, we have handpicked the very best French Lotto bookmakers:

Best Bookmakers for French Lottery Betting UK

How to play the French Lottery UK

The process of playing the French Lottery is pretty straightforward, so you should have no issues getting started, even if you are a total beginner to betting on lotteries. Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) is in charge of operating the lottery. As well as the main draw, FDJ also offers a whole host of fun games.

When it comes to the main French Lottery draw, there are a lot of similarities to what you will see with other types of draws. For the main lottery, the general idea is that participants will be choosing five numbers that are between 1 and 50, as well as a bonus number that is between 1 and 10. If you are betting on the French Lottery, you will usually be able to bet on up to five numbers.

French Lottery draw times and schedule

The French Lottery takes place three times a week, which is ideal as many other national lotteries only take place twice per week. This means that the jackpots can often accumulate a lot quicker than they otherwise would. If a jackpot has not been won, it will automatically increase by a million euros for the very next draw. Therefore, plenty of excitement will always be in the air.

Currently, there will be a draw taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The draws will take place at 8:20pm CET. You will be able to watch the televised draw or get access to the French Lotto results in other ways.

Payouts and odds

If you are participating in the French Lottery by buying a ticket if you are in the country, the chance of you winning the big jackpots that are worth millions of euros will be 1 in 19,068,840. The exact prize pool varies depending on the specific draw.

If you are betting on the outcome of the French Lottery, then there will be different odds and payouts on offer. These can vary depending on what betting site you are using. Here is a quick look at the odds and payouts that some of the leading betting sites currently offer when it comes to betting £1 on French Lottery numbers:

Site 1 Ball 2 Balls 3 Balls 4 Balls 5 Balls
Betfred £8 £100 £1,400 £30,000 £150,000
William Hill £8 £95 £1,250 £30,000
Boyle Sports £8 £80 £1,200 £25,000 £150,000
Bet365 £8 £100 £1,400 £25,000

Ways You Can Bet on the French Lottery

There are almost always going to be a range of different ways in which you are able to bet on the French Lottery. It’s not like buying a lottery ticket whereby you have chosen the exact numbers required and sit back to see if you are a winner.

Instead, you will have access to a range of bet types that can help you to tweak and change your approach and strategy as needed. Here are some of the leading ways that you can bet on the French Lottery results today: 

Straight Bet 

The most basic and popular way for people to be to the French Lottery will be through straight bets. These are a type of wager that see you choosing up to five numbers that you think are going to get drawn out of the pot.

You have the option to bet on just one number or as many as five numbers. In order for a straight bet to be deemed a winner, each of the numbers you have chosen needs to appear when it comes to the French Lotto results. Otherwise, if just one of the numbers doesn’t come up, your bet is a loser. 

Combination Bet

A combination bet sees you adding a greater level of flexibility to your bets. Instead of your wager being dependent on each of your chosen numbers coming up good with the French Lotto results, you will still be able to get a return even if some of your numbers don’t appear.

This is because you will be combining different bets together. For example, if you have chosen five numbers, there will usually be a fivefold wager, a few trebles, doubles, and single bets all wrapped up into the combination bet. 

Bonus Ball Bet

A bonus ball is a key feature of many lotteries, including the French Lottery. It is usually the crowning piece when it comes to winning the bigger prizes. Most betting sites will allow you to attempt to predict what the bonus ball might be. The odds of trying to predict a particular bonus ball number will be greater than the odds you get for betting on regular French Lottery numbers. 

Bonus Ball Colour Bet

For most types of draws, there will be a handful of different colour bonus balls that will be in play. Numerous leading betting sites give you the option to bet on what colour you think the bonus number is going to be. It is a simple, but a fun market that many people enjoy.

French Lottery FDJ Logo

French Lottery predictions and tips

There are all sorts of people out there today who believe that they can somewhat predict the outcome of lottery draws. They try to deploy complex systems and algorithms in order to justify this type of approach.

However, the fact remains that there is no way to predict the outcome of a random lottery draw, as each one is independent of the last. Therefore, you cannot predict the outcome of a future lottery draw by looking at a previous draw. However, there are a few different types of tips that you might find useful when attempting to bet on the French Lottery draw. Here are a few of the most prominent tips:

1. Always Get the Biggest Odds 

The easiest way in which you can get more bang for your buck when betting on lotteries is by making sure that you are always obtaining the biggest odds possible. With French Lotto results betting, every bookmaker will have its own set of odds for certain outcomes.

You can shop around to see which betting site offers the best odds for the type of bet that you are looking to place. There is no skill necessary in doing so, it simply takes a few minutes of your time. 

2. Experiment With Various Bet Types

There are many ways for you to bet on lottery draws these days. Every bookmaker will usually have a range of different options, from single bets opt combo wagers, and betting on bonus balls.

It is a good idea to experiment with each of the supported betting markets to get a good grasp of how they all work. You might discover that you enjoy one option more than another. There is also a good deal of freshness that you can get if you are regularly switching things up. 

3. Protect Your Bankroll

When you are doing any type of gambling, it is vital that you have a proper bankroll management plan in place. This goes for lottery betting too. You want to allocate only a certain portion of your bankroll to bet on a given draw. Otherwise, you can quickly spend all of your bankroll. The last thing you should be doing is betting with money that you cannot afford to lose.

French Lottery results history 2022  

While you are not going to be able to get any sort of advantage by looking at the latest French Lottery results today and trying to use them to predict future draws, there are other reasons why people want to look at the latest French Lotto results history.

They might have wagers that they want to check to see if their numbers came up good through the draw. Some people will still believe that there could be hot streaks or cold streaks for certain numbers. While mathematically this isn’t something that makes sense, it doesn’t stop certain individuals from doing so.

If you want to check the French Lotto results history, there are a few ways to do so. You can check the official French Lottery website, revisit this French Lottery results page, or go to the French Lottery results Twitter pages. Each of these options allows you to quickly get access to the French Lottery results tonight or whenever needed. 

Big French Lottery winners

As the French Lottery is such a popular draw, it won’t come as a surprise that there have been some big winners over the years. Millions of euros are up for grabs with each and every draw. As there are three French Lottery draws taking place each week, this means that plenty of people are regularly winning life-changing sums.

Certain individuals have won more than £15 million through the regular French Lottery draw. There have also been plenty of French residents who have won the EuroMillions draw, meaning that they have gotten their hands on more than £175 million in some cases. These are breath-taking sums and are the main reasons why so many people play the lottery on a regular basis.

The takeaway

If you like what you have seen on this page, you’ll likely be ready to begin betting on the French Lottery for yourself. There are plenty of great betting sites for you to use when doing so. The process of getting started with these sites usually takes just a few minutes.

As soon as you have placed your French Lottery bets, you can revisit this page in order to check the results. This means that you will always be staying up to date with the latest goings-on in the French Lottery space. All the best with your betting!


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