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If you play the 49’s lottery in the UK, then you’ll know that draws take place twice a day. There’s now no need to visit your betting sportsbook for the latest 49’s lottery results, as we present them here for you! Why not check the 49’s lottery results each and every day right here, and see if the balls have dropped kindly for you?!

If you’re new to the 49’s lottery or haven’t even heard of it, then read on to find out all you need to know about the latest 49’s lottery results.

49’s Lottery Results today for 05 July 2022

Here for you now are the latest 49’s lottery results.

Ball One Ball Two Ball Three Ball Four Ball Five Ball Six Bonus Ball
Lunchtime Draw (12:49PM) 14 20 24 27 30 39 22
Teatime Draw (5:49PM) 11 22 23 32 35 43 39

Here, to aid you in your lucky number selections, are the balls that are currently red hot, and the balls that are currently icy cold.

Hot Balls 47 3 19 20 37 33
Cold Balls 32 13 8 28 7 36

Bet on 49’s Lottery in the UK

The 49’s lottery in the UK is the only daily lottery – indeed it is drawn twice per day at lunchtime and teatime. It’s also unique in that you can only play it online – if you go into your local corner shop and ask for a 49’s lottery ticket in the UK, then you’ll just get blank looks!

You can also only bet on this lottery, which is something else that marks it as different to all other lotteries in the UK. This means you cannot buy tickets for it – you bet on the outcome. Here are the best sportsbooks and online casinos where you can bet on the latest 49’s lottery results in the UK.

UK’s Best Bookmakers for 49’s Lottery Betting

How to Play the 49’s Lottery in the UK

As we have already mentioned, you cannot buy lottery tickets for the 49’s lottery. To play it, you have to bet on the numbers for a draw’s 49’s lottery results. To do this, sign up for an account at a sportsbook that offers betting on the 49’s lottery, such as Betfred.

Then, you need to head to the site’s lottery or lotto section. You can choose which draw you want to bet on – lunchtime or teatime. You can of course bet on both draws if you want. You should be able to bet well in advance too – up to seven days, in fact. If you wish, you can bet on as many as fourteen draws at one time, and you can have as many lines as you want for each draw. You can even repeat your bets automatically, for up to four weeks.

49s lotto results

Once you have decided which draw(s) to bet on, you need to choose how many numbers you want to bet on too. Unlike normal lotteries, all the numbers you bet on have to come up in order for you to win, so if you bet on four numbers and three come up, you do not win anything. You can bet on one, two, three, four or five numbers.

You also need to decide whether to include the bonus ball in your bet, so you are betting from seven numbers in the latest 49’s lottery results, as opposed to six. This gives you more chances of your bet winning, although your winnings will be reduced.

There is no set price for a 49’s lottery results bet, unlike say a UK National Lottery ticket which is £2, currently. You can bet as little or as much as the site allows. For example, if you are betting on the William Hill 49’s results, the minimum bet is only £0.01, and the maximum is £1,000.

Once everything looks okay, place your bet then look out for the latest Betfred 49’s results today, or the William Hill 49’s results, or wherever you placed your 49’s lottery bet.

49’s Draw Times and Schedule

There is no absolute fixed time for the 49’s lottery draws, but they tend to take place at the same time each day anyway:

  • Lunchtime draw: 12:49PM
  • Teatime draw: 5:49PM

49’s Payouts and Odds

Each sportsbook sets their own odds for winning bets on the 49’s lottery. If you bet on the William Hill 49’s lottery results and win you might win more if you bet on the Coral 49’s results, and you might win less. The same if you bet on the Betfred 49’s results today, or the Ladbrokes 49’s results. Check the site you are using to see if they offer the best odds for your bet.

Here are the most common odds and payouts for betting on the 49’s lottery results:

Balls Matched No Bonus Ball Bonus Ball
5 150,000/1 50,000/1
4 10,000/1 5,000/1
3 700/1 440/1
2 67/1 45/1
1 15/2 13/2

Ways You Can Bet on the 49’s Lottery

There are several ways that you can bet on the 49’s lottery in the UK, and they are explained below. These bets may not be available to bet on at every online sportsbook in the UK that offers access to 49’s UK results betting.

Straight Bet

Bet on one, two, three, four or five numbers in the latest 49’s lottery results. You can set your bet on the six main numbers, or include the bonus ball to increase your chances of winning, but lower potential payouts.

Combination Bet

Combine straight bets in the same way that you can place system bets such as Yankees on football. A combo bet of four numbers will contain all possible bets for three numbers, two numbers and each single.

Bonus Ball Bet

Bet on the number drawn for the bonus ball. Typical odds are around 45/1.

Bonus Ball Colour Bet

Bet on the colour of the bonus ball. There are 49 balls in the 49’s lottery (as you’ve probably guessed) and seven colours (blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, orange and red) so that’s seven balls per colour. Typical odds are around 13/2.

First Number Drawn Bet

A bet on the first number that pops out of the 49’s lottery machine. Typical odds are again 45/1.

Total Value Bet

Bet on the sum of all six numbers drawn (this bet does not include the bonus ball). Lowest possible value is 21 (1+2+3+4+5+6) and the highest 279 (49+48+47+46+45+44). You can bet on any total between those numbers. The odds vary depending upon your bet – for 21 to 74, it’s around 80/1. For 141 to 160 though, the odds slip down to 7/1.

First Drawn Odd/Even Bet

You can bet on whether the first ball drawn will be odd (typical odds 5/6) or even (typical odds 9/10). There are 25 odd balls in the draw, but only 24 even ones.

HiLo Bet

A bet on each ball drawn to be ‘Hi’ (24 & over) or ‘Lo’ (under 24). You have to predict ‘hi’ or ‘lo’ for all six balls, and the typical odds are around 50/1.

Odd/Even Bet

The same as a HiLo bet, except that you have to correctly predict the outcome of each ball being odd or even. Same odds, around 50/1.

49s Prediction and Tips

You may see sites and apps available on the internet that will say they can help you to win the 49’s lottery by correctly predicting the numbers that are most likely to come out in the next draw. They do this by monitoring which numbers have not come out for the longest period during 49’s results history. If you wish to follow these tips then you are free to do so, but we would advise you not to pay any money to such sites, or pay money for apps. The 49’s lottery results are purely random, so previous results have no bearing on the teatime 49’s results for today, for example.

Instead, here are some tips that will enable you to get the most out of your 49’s lottery results betting.

  • Get the best odds – each betting site sets their own odds, so betting on the Ladbrokes 49’s results for four balls might win you more than betting on the Betfred 49’s results, for example. In addition, the Coral 49’s results betting odds for three balls may be better than the William Hill 49’s results betting odds, but the exact opposite might be true for betting on four balls.
  • Use combo bets – unlike normal lotteries, your picks for the 49’s results today all have to come up. If you bet to win on numbers 49’s results for four balls and three are drawn, you usually do not win anything. However, with a combo bet you can cover all bets up to the 49’s UK results betting for the numbers you have selected. As an added bonus, if with a combo bet all your numbers come up in the 49’s latest results UK then all your bets win, winning you much more than just a straight bet on the number of balls you wish to wager upon.
  • Form a syndicate – you can form syndicates for betting on the 49’s latest results UK just as you can when buying lottery tickets. If you can find ten friends you can bet on ten lines for the 49’s latest results UK, increasing your chances of winning ten-fold. You will of course have to share out any winnings with the people in your syndicate should you win on numbers 49’s results in the draw(s) you’ve placed a bet upon.
  • Stick with the same numbers – once you have chosen your numbers, stick with them. If you like, review the 49’s results history for a mix of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers. This will not increase your chances of winning on either the 49’s lunchtime results or the teatime 49’s results for today, but if you choose different numbers for every draw you are just introducing more randomness into the mix. Also, imagine how you’d feel if you suddenly changed your numbers then checked the 49’s latest results and discovered that your previous numbers would have won the top prize!

Big 49’s Winners

Although the maximum you can win on the 49’s results today will be around £150,000, some people have used betting strategies to help them win much more, and so can you!

One customer decided to ‘bet on the Betfred 49’s results today’ but decided only to bet on four numbers. They randomly selected 3, 14, 30 and 37 but then decided that involved too many threes. They swapped out the 3 for a 9, and all four numbers came up in that day’s 49’s lunchtime results! Their £17 bet at odds of 10,000/1 at Betfred won them £170,000!

Speaking of syndicates as we did above, a group of six lucky punters decided to pool their combo bets, betting between £20 and £30 each on the same six numbers. To their absolute delight, on one occasion four of their six numbers came up, turning £110 of their total 49’s betting outlay into a staggering £1.1million! This is the record win for the 49’s lottery, and was won at Betfred in the summer of 2019.

Another lucky punter at Betfred decided to stake a mere £2 on the latest 49’s lottery results and won £55,000! His first bet was £1 on five balls (including the bonus ball) at odds of 50,000/1, and his second bet was also for £1 on four balls (again including the bonus ball) at odds of 5,000/1. Both bets came in for that £55,000 total, although as he got his stake back too, his total return was £55,002!

Final Thoughts

The 49’s lottery is ideal for people who really enjoy lotteries as there’s two per day, every day! You can check the 49’s lunchtime results and the teatime 49’s results for today and every day right here!

Bet on the 49’s UK results to see if you can win big just like some of the winners mentioned above who have gone down in 49’s results history! May the balls bounce kindly for you!

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