Liverpool stun Old Trafford – can Manchester United recover in time?


The last time I saw United get this humiliated was against Chelsea three years ago, and even at 1-0 down Liverpool showed shades of the 04/05 and 05/06 Chelsea side with an impenetrable defence, the narrow midfield supplemented by wide attackers and the two players at the top, England’s joint-best attacking midfielder tucked in behind the Premier League’s best striker as they took every chance that came to them while the opposition just wilted.

We were shocking. But there’s no doubting it, Liverpool were top class.

The numbers say that United have a game in hand, a 4 point lead and games at home to come. Two games lost and United would still be a point ahead and mathematically the favourites for the title.

But numbers aren’t everything. United have chased down big leads before in title races in recent years and they’ll know th

The players need the fans to back them. The players need Ferguson to put an arm around them and get them back into some sort of mental shape to pick themselves up from this game and get back on track starting next week with the away game to Fulham. The fans must absolutely get behind the team, they’ve played a real shocker and didn’t do well against Inter in the first half either but the line between winning and losing the title is very narrow – if this bunch is going to win any more titles this season they need the full support of their fans.

Liverpool – well, what can I say? They’ll be praying that Torres stays fit for the rest of the season and that they can win their remaining games this season, and let teams like Arsenal (who still have to go to Old Trafford and barring that FA Cup debacle, have done fairly well against United in recent years) can do their bit into helping them across the finish line.

And no matter what the margin of victory, Liverpool also have Chelsea to contend with, who play Manchester City at home tomorrow and will be equal on points and ahead on goal difference if they beat City. Liverpool have given themselves the best chance of the season to do well in both the Premier League and Europe, it’s now up to them to finish the job.

Well done Liverpool. See you at the finish line.

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