Liverpool owners get it right for once

As Rafa himself has said, the owners and the chairman are responsible for the delay in getting Barry over to Anfield, and in this case you have to admit that, like them or not, they might have a point.

Sure, you should back your manager in the transfer market but for Liverpool to pay 18m for a midfielder without getting Alonso out of the door (when Alonso is as good if not better in a central role) is sensible on a financial and team level. Plus there are cheaper and faster (yes, you know, pace – something that Liverpool have lacked on the wings) options available to Liverpool and if you’re going to spend 18m might as well bring in a specialist.

Rafa’s got every reason to be mad but the owners might have gotten it right this time. And with two weeks to go, Rafa and Parry need to work fast to bring in a winger to complete the squad.