Liverpool can buy the Prem just like Chelsea and Manchester United

Liverpool lose in the Champions League final and sure enough various pundits, journalists and fans think Benitez is crap and under him Liverpool will never win the Premiership.

Sorry, but have I missed something here?

This guy has won two La Liga titles, an FA Cup, featured in two European Cup finals in his first three seasons whist winning one of them, and the season before last Liverpool had achieved their highest EPL total since the Prem began back in 92-93.

Unless I’m mistaken but did it not take Ferguson 5 or 6 years to win his first league title?

If Benitez isn’t the right man to lead Liverpool to a title then I don’t know who is. Until now he hasn’t spent nowhere near as much as Manchester United or Chelsea. His next expenditure since he took over stands at approximatley £50m which equates to £16.7m per season.

Er……… HELLO – thats less than what Manchester United payed for Micheal “freakin” Carrick.

Where Manchester United and Chelsea have been able to go out and spend £15m-35m on any one player, Benitez has “only” spent between 1m-10.5m on a single player.

His most expensive acquisition to date is Xabi Alonso at a relatively meagre 10.5m. Its OK to have so many flops like Gonzales, Josemi, Morientes and so on when they cost between £2-6m, or more pertinently Fowler and Zenden on a FREE. On the other hand Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal buy expensive crap. Anyone seen a £17m Reyes and a £28m Veron near Arsenal or Manchester United respectively recently? NO……I thought not.

How great is it gonna be when Benitez has some real freakin’ money to spend on players. He wants players of the calibre of Villa, Eto’o, Alves, Milito and Simao. I mean come on….. Benitez ain’t faffin about no more. Anyone who’s seen his interviews after the final know hes deadly serious. All that crap from rival fans who think we’re not gonna be getting big money to spend on players from the new owners is just BS. If Benitez wasn’t sure he’d be getting the players he wants he’d be off to R Madrid instead of the unproven Schuster.

I love the term that Hicks and Gillett use, how does it go again…..yeh………”PLAYER SPECIFIC” which for any dumbass out there means if Benitez wants this player badly…hes gonna get him. As soon as the final was over he said that Liverpool had to move quickly if they wanted to get their number one targets. Note the key word here, “quickly” and nothing to do about the inability to buy these players because of financial constraint.

I love that interview with Gillett where he takes so much freakin “dough” out of his pockets when the interviewer asks him what Liverpool need to compete with Manchester United and Chelsea. You gotta hand it to Gillett, he not only knows whats going on, but hes rammin it home. CASH BABY! CASH!!! Cold hard cash like you’d never believe.

Tevez is on his way! His agent is friends with Benitez and if Benitez doesn’t use that advantage plus the fact that Tevez’s close friend Mascherano is already at Lpool and that hes got all this dough then hes a retard. Liverpool have the foundations in place, the “spine” as they say. Just one or two world class creative player and we’ll be there. Teves and Quaresma would really push us forward.

Recently its been said that Benitez is quite “wary” of star players based on the fact that he didn’t play Aimar regularly when he was at Valencia. Erm… it me but did Valencia not win 2 la liga titles and a UEFA Cup. In that case was he not justified in dropping Aimar. Some people eh? It was so refreshing to hear then that “quality” is what Liverpool need in order to challenge on all fronts. Benitez not hesitating in stating that this was the clear and defining difference between Milan and Liverpool in the final.

The inference is then that quality is what he will buy…and usually when you buy quality, they tend to be star players, something which Benitez is apparently afraid of. Being a quality player and a star player tend not to be mutually exclusive. If you’re real quality then you’re a real star, but even more so when you’re an attacking player. Benitez will buy star players because hes not a fag who can’t see that thats the only way you can compete and actually win titles and champion leagues. That would be the real hard pragmatism in keeping with Benitez.

To end, Benitez gave me as a Liverpool fan the biggest sign yet in his interviews after the Champions Leauge Final that he his deadly serious about winning the league and european cup when he said that UNLESS THINGS CHANGE DRASTICALLY AS SOON AS THEY LAND IN J LENNON AIRPORT LPOOL ON AND OFF THE PITCH THEN LPOOL WILL CONTINUE COMPETING FOR 4TH PLACE.

Stick that in your pipe and SMOKE IT!!


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