Lazio Fan Accidentally Killed By Police

Rome burns.

This comes after news that a Lazio fan was killed. Details of the incident are still hazy but according to reports, this happened when police officers intervened a roadside argument that got ugly. There were two cars involved in the incident, one carrying Juventus fans and the other Lazio.

In an attempt to disperse the fans, an officer allegedly misfired a warning shot and shot a Lazio fan, Gabriele Sandri, in the back of the neck, possibly causing him to die instantly.

What makes things worse is that it is even suggested that Sandri was seated in the car and was not in any way involved in the roadside brawl. In response, fans in Rome are rioting by setting police cars and vans on fire. The situation is urgent.

This is a sad day for Italian football, which is still recovering from last season’s tragedy, in which a police officer was killed while attempting to quell fighting between fans of Catania and Palermo.

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