Lamps denies Adebayor’s punch as Wenger lands Arsenal in even more trouble

This just gets better and better.

First Wenger flies off the handle and claims that the linesman’s statements in the match report to the FA said that Adebayor punched Lampard. Wenger also asks Lampard to reply to this and publicly respond if he was punched or not.

Lampard, in a rare show of sanity, makes a public statement through his agent saying that “No, Adebayor did not punch him”.

A win for Arsenal, then?

If only things were so simple. Wenger’s statements against the FA led them to issue a statement:

FA spokesman:

“Questioning the integrity of a match official and accusing them of lying is a very serious claim to make as it questions the whole integrity of the game.

We also reject any accusations of bias or dishonesty within our disciplinary system. We will be asking Arsene Wenger to explain these comments.”

This has already gone beyond the limits of ridiculousness, so let’s me just cut this short and give you a brief picture of what’s actually going to happen:

  • The FA will never admit that one of their refs made a mistake, or that they were wrong in dismissing Adebayor.
  • Adebayor’s reactions after he got the red card are hard to defend (and hard to blame too). It’s possible that his ban will be reduced (and it should be), but to rescind the card? Highly improbable.
  • Wenger and Arsenal will be in more trouble as the FA looks to protect their ‘honour’.
  • Refs will continue to be inept (unless they get help), players will keep brawling, there will always be injustice and unless you develop a culture of both sides (the FA and the clubs) working together to improve things on and off the pitch, nothing will change.

That’s not going to happen this season, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show. I do feel sorry for Arsenal, but I doubt you guys believe that 🙂