Klose for Manchester United?

With Solskjaer coming back to fitness, Larsson coming in and Rossi coming back from Newcastle, Manchester United could be ‘set’ for strikers (they’re still one short, but they can make it work) till the end of the season.

Which brings us to the big question – which striker are we buying next summer?

The fans’ choice is Torres. He’s fast, he’s young, he’s increasingly disillusioned by Atletico Madrid’s lack of titles and he’s looking to move. He won’t go to Real, and Barcelona would be loathe to buy someone from Madrid (plus they’re courting Henry, and they already have Messi as a young gun), so that means Torres will go abroad.

Inter and Manchester United are two likeliest options for Torres, because I doubt that Chelsea will go after another high-profile player. He won’t be cheap though – I expect him to cost around 25 to 30 mil.

The other option could be Miroslav Klose, with the striker wanting to leave Werder Bremen and the club saying that they’d be willing to listen to the ‘right offer’.

He’s 28, a clinical finisher and strong in the air. He’ll probably cost us around 10 mil.

1/3rd the price of Torres, 6 years older than him. Bargain shopping, yes, but quality is quality and Klose could be a key player once Solksjaer leaves – plus it remains to be seen whether Rossi will blossom into the striker that Ferguson expects him to become.

If Rossi returns to Manchester United and starts banging in them goals, we might go for an older striker and bank on experience and let Rossi and Rooney carry United forward.

There’s just one issue though – Arsenal and Barcelona are also rumoured to be after Klose, with Arsenal the most likely to go for him.

What do you guys think? Is Klose good enough for Manchester United?

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