The Klinsmann effect – Bayern Munich plans for a serious overhaul in habits and training

Bayern Munich’s superstars Franck Ribery and Luca Toni can expect to sleep on the job next season as new coach Jurgen Klinsmann introduces radical changes – including beds in the team room.

Klinsmann is set to replace Ottmar Hitzfeld as Bayern coach on July 1 and has already given instructions for a number of bold changes including an eight-hour working day for the players and a luxury team room with beds.

Speaking with German magazine Stern, the Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said:

“It’s a new culture for the Bundesliga. The players will be able to get some rest between training.

Jurgen simply wants to make everything professional. He wants to give his players the chance to rest. Also some professionals live nearby and have the chance to go home for lunch, but that is an unnecessary trip.

An eight-hour day has been typical in Italian football for a long time. We will have them here from breakfast through to afternoon coffee. And there will be the possibility to sleep now.”

That’s the good news – the downside is that Herr Klinsmann has also instructed that training sessions be off-limits for fans, and the nearby restaurant to be converted into the luxury team room Juergen has planned.


“We are going to carry out a few calculated changes. The stadium is for the fans, the training place for the team.

We know that we can not neglect the fans, Bayern Munich is and will always be a family club.”

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