Kevin Nolan on diving

An extract from Kevin Nolan’s weekly column at BBC, where he’s talking about diving (in reference to Torquay’s chairman’s announcement that he’d sack divers after the their third offense – the players aren’t happy, apparently):

I think this is a problem that can be sorted out by players having a stern word with their team-mates.

We have had instances at our place where a few of the lads have done it.

What happens is they end up getting stick for it in training and that seems to put a stop to it – they do not want to be embarrassed by the attention they get through the week.

The gaffer Sam Allardyce has talked about it and I think it is something that all the managers have got together and said they want to stamp out.

It is something that been going on for a while.

We talk about diving so much but we often forget that outside the high-pressure match situations players do talk with each other and if someone’s diving, it is clearly made into an issue. We’ve seen Ronaldo this season staying on his feet a lot more – he’s gone down easily in the past but he’s also jumped and splashed without contact, so it’s good to see that diving’s being taken care of from within the team.

Next step – post-match video reviews to punish blatant ‘cheating’.