Roy Keane on Portsmouth chasing Tottenham’s Kaboul

Roy Keane (on hearing that Pompey have talked to Tottenham defender Y. Kaboul):

“I know for a fact we are the only club to have agreed fees with Tottenham because they have kept us updated with what is going on.

“So it is very strange to find out that other managers are speaking to these players.

“As far as I understand it, you only speak to a player when you’ve agreed a fee with his club and been given permission to speak to him.”

I cracked up while reading this. On one hand, can a manager not know how frequently players and players’ agents are in contact with other clubs? On the other hand, if Keane has principles, more power to him and I hope we see more managers picking up on it (doubt that though).

And in other news… Sunderland are hoping to get a definitive answer from Malbranque and Kaboul in the next 24 hours. It’s worth noting that in all his answers this summer Keane has not named any players that Sunderland have been after until he’s got them signed and by his side. Top stuff.