Jol Sucks Up To Defoe as Tottenham try to ward off Manchester United and Newcastle

Jermaine Defoe is very naive if he thinks Martin Jol is sincere when he talks him up.

Defoe turned from being guaranteed a starting birth at Tottehnham to coming off the bench for most of last season, a situation which not only cost him his form towards the end season but may have cost him a berth in the England World Cup squad.

So to have Martin Jol talk Defoe up after he scored 3 goals in 3 games in the pre-season tour may be seen as a vote of confidence, but when you consider that both Manchester United and Newcastle United are interested in signing the striker (and Liverpool could jump in too if the Kuyt deal doesn’t work out) and you start wondering if Jol isn’t doing this just to keep the striker at White Hart Lane.

Is it hypocritcal? You decide. Earlier, Defoe’s agent made a statement about how Defoe was happy at Tottenham and hadn’t thought about leaving. Well, considering that no one’s made an offer yet, how the hell you do you expect him to leave? Everyone’s waiting for the mess in Serie A to sort out, and then we’ll have a much better idea of who’s going where. Manchester United in particular are also waiting for the Ruud deal to finalise, plus they have their eyes on Torres as well.

Defoe is on the list for a lot of people, but not first choice for any Champions League club. And to think that this is, after Rooney, the most talented striker in the Premiership and you wonder what he did wrong to miss out on the World Cup.

Credit to Jol though – he’s building a kick-ass side for next season, even if Nedved might decide to stick around in Serie B to help out the Old Lady.

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