Jol, Ramos and the idiots running Tottenham

“What a bunch of idiots.”

I said that when I first heard about the Tottenham board approaching Juande Ramos, behind Martin Jol’s back, towards the end of August. How hard does your father have to fuck you in your ears for you not to understand the anal stupidity of backing a manager through the summer only to stab him in the back at the end of it?

No, seriously, how far up your ass does your head need to go before you realise that you’ve hit a dead end, that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re stuck? Wait, wrong metaphor…

In any case, as I’ve succinctly stated here and here, the Tottenham board fucked up with Martin Jol in the summer.

Jol wasn’t the man to help them make the Big Four into the Happy Five, at least not for a couple of years until he brought in the right players, put together a balanced team and he learned on the job and perhaps (wishful thinking, only because I’m somewhat sympathetic to the big Dutchman at the moment) fixed his tactical deficiencies.

Hey, we’re still waiting on Rafael Benitez, the Messiah at Merseyside for the same thing, aren’t we?

I’m tempted to think that something happened behind the scenes that we’re not aware of, but the ineptitude of Daniel Levy and co. in mismanaging this situation, from not replacing Jol in the summer to schmoozing with Ramos in Spain to forcing Martin Jol to announce Tottenham’s “objective” to qualify for the Champions League to firing the manager right before / during / after a European fixture, giving your backup staff 3 days before a crunch game at White Hart Lane with Blackburn, a game Tottenham were in slight danger of losing with Jol onboard, and are now standing bare naked in the middle of the road in front of the raging Rovers horde. How Robbie Savage would love to get stuck into the unsettled, under-pressure Spurs players…

But I’m probably overdoing it – regarding the Sunday matchup, that is. Everything else, especially the head up the ass thing, spot on. It’s also true that this is the right decision, it’s just disgusting the way they’ve gone about making it.

Anyway, on to the future. Chris from COS tells me the Ramos / Poyet deal is unofficially done and dusted, so by morning (when you read this – it’s 5 am right now where I am – and yes, I got out of bed to write this, that’s how annoyed and angry I am at the Spurs board) you should know.

Ramos is a good choice, a young and vibrant coach, and hopefully he’ll do well at Tottenham. He needs players though, and he needs a center-back who isn’t making hay with the nurses on the doc’s table (they’re running out of medical reasons to keep him off the pitch – it’s a conspiracy I tell you) more than he’s playing for his club, captain that he is. No comment on what he should do with Robbo though (give him a rest, and get him back in the sack later on in the season, I’m sure it will bring his confidence back).

Good luck to Martin Jol, and good luck to Tottenham and their new manager. They need it more than the Dutchman.

Are Liverpool good enough to beat Arsenal / Qualify for the 2nd Round / win the Premier League?
Can Liverpool get it going in Europe?


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