Manager surprised this Man Utd transfer did not happen in summer

England U21s manager Gareth Southgate has claimed that he is shocked to see young forward Jesse Lingard still playing for Manchester United.

Southgate has stated that Lingard is an extremely talented player who should have attracted a lot more attention during the summer transfer window.

The Manchester United academy graduate scored in the 2-0 win over West Brom and has been showered with praise for his intelligence and willingness to learn.

Southgate worked with the Manchester United forward for the England U21s and has claimed that he rates Lingard highly and thought the youngster would leave Old Trafford in search of more first team action.

Furthermore, Southgate has also been surprised by the lack of interest in the young English forward who excelled at the U21 European championship.

“I’m amazed they weren’t inundated with more bids to prise him away in the summer, especially having played as well as he did in the Europeans,” he said.

“Physically he has been a late developer and we think there is still some physical growth to come but he’s an intelligent footballer and he will carry out the role he’s asked to do, which I think the manager there will quite like”.

Furthermore, Southgate also mentioned that Lingard is a level headed player who is aware of the challenge ahead of him and will look to grab his opportunity with both hands.

“He is at a club where you know you have to perform every week but over the years that’s how the youngsters there have been raised.

“They know they’re going to have to perform in front of 70,000 people and that brings expectations and he’s got the shirt at the moment and knowing him he’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto it”, he concluded. 

Louis Van Gaal has also been waxing lyrical about the young forward who is expected to get more chances to prove himself over the course of this season.