10 Best Trixie Bet Sites in Ireland 2023

What is a trixie bet? If you have been wondering this for a while, we are here to put your mind at ease. Specifically for fans of horse racing betting, trixie bets generate greater odds than singles. Featuring three doubles and one treble, punters require at least two winning selections to produce returns. On this page, we will deliver the definitive trixie bet definition, before explaining exactly how to bet a trixie.

What Is A Trixie Bet? 

A trixie bet actually includes four bets on three selections. Most commonly associated with horse racing, punters place trixie bets in order to improve the chances of receiving a return. Bets are made up by three doubles and a treble, with a trixie bet payout depending on the number of correct picks, as well as the odds offered. With trixie bets featuring no singles, two or more selections must win for a return. 

How Does a Trixie Bet Work? 

When explaining how to bet a trixie, the best thing to do is look at an example. Before we get to that, we will outline a little more information, helping to answer the question – what is a trixie bet? As we have mentioned already, a trixie bet involves placing four bets on three different selections. Therefore, a £1 win trixie would require an investment of £4. Odds on each selection are multiplied together, with all three picks having to win in order to claim the maximum trixie bet payout. 

When placing a trixie bet, it is important to consider the unit stake is worth a quarter of the total stake, due to their being four individual parts. The table below provides a breakdown of a trixie bet:

Part of Trixie Bet Selections That Must Win
Double Bet 1 Outcomes X and Y
Double Bet 2 Outcomes X and Z
Double Bet 3 Outcomes Y and Z
Treble Bet Outcomes X, Y and Z

A Horse Racing Trixie Bet Explained 

When it comes to this form of wagering, it is trixie bet horse racing that is the most common. Based on an example from the 2022 Cheltenham Festival, three ante-post selections were added. Find the trixie bet option on the bet slip, before entering the unit state in the relevant area. 

trixie bet 1

Let’s say the unit price is £5. This will mean that your total stake will be £20, due to there being a total of four bets, three doubles and a treble. After entering the stake, punters will be in a position to view the potential returns. You should now have a much better understanding of the Trixie bet meaning. 

trixie bet 2

Why You Should Place a Trixie Bet

Now that you know how to bet a trixie, we will discuss just why such wagers are increasingly popular. What are the main benefits of a trixie bet? Why would a trixie bet not be for me? As with any bet type, there are both pros and cons. Of course, the potential returns are attractive. However, the trixie bet cost is high. Elsewhere, the following are the main pros and cons of trixie bets:

What We Like:

  • Enhanced Odds - Perhaps the standout reason as to why punters would place a trixie bet is due to the enhanced odds. With three doubles and one treble, the total odds quickly add up, allowing for some significant potential returns. 
  • Simple System Bet - When it comes to system bets, a trixie is perhaps the simplest to get your head around. When you compare a trixie to the likes of a Super Heinz or Lucky 63, you will discover that it is actually relatively easy to get to grips with. 
  • Each Way Option - Many bookies now offer an each way option when it comes to trixie bet horse racing. This gives punters a greater level of insurance, with your picks having to place for a return, rather than win outright.
  • 2 Picks Needed - Just two selections are required to win in order for returns to be made on a trixie. So, even if all parts of your trixie are not successful, returns are still possible. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Potential Low Returns - If you only manage to successfully predict two parts of your trixie, it is likely that the returns may be fairly low. In fact, they may not even cover your stake. As a result, punters need to think carefully when placing such bets.
  • High Stake - The trixie bet cost is another negative. Due to the nature of this bet type, four separate units must be added, which will in turn generate the total stake. This will be 4x the value of a single bet. 

Trixie Bet Calculator 

A trixie bet calculator can undoubtedly be of use to punters. Through such a feature, users can view the potential returns of a wager. Many well-known online bookies now offer such a calculator, which can also be used on other bet types. A small amount of simple information is required, displaying all possible outcomes afterwards. We will now talk you through one of the leading trixie calculators online today, which comes from William Hill. 

William Hill Bet Calculator

William Hill is one of the most popular bookmakers in Ireland. The bookie’s bet calculator caters well for those placing trixies. When using the calculator, punters can alter whether a win or each way bet is being placed, which will be of particular use to horse racing fans. Having done so, punters must also select their chosen odds format, whether it be fractional, decimal or American. Meanwhile, there are also options surrounding both dead heats and rule 4 deductions. 

William Hill trixie bet calculator min

As you can see from the picture above, using an efficient bet calculator will enable punters to see the potential returns even if all selections are not successful. Both returns and profits are offered, with unit stake and total stakes being displayed too. While the William Hill bet calculator is unique, there are a number of other options for players in Ireland, most of which cover the trixie bet well.

Betting Strategies To Use For Trixie Betting 

As with any form of betting, there are certain factors that punters must consider when placing trixies. While there is no strategy that will ensure success, there are some steps that players can take to maximise their chances of beating the bookies. Our experts came up with the following tips:

Best Odds Guaranteed

Many online bookies now offer best odds guaranteed promotions. Specific to horse racing, such promos are generally available on a wide range of races. Best odds guaranteed will likely be available to those placing trixies, allowing punters to receive the best possible winnings. Despite not being available on ante post bets, those placing wagers on the day of races will likely be eligible for BOG. So, if the starting price is bigger than your price, the bookie will pay out the best possible price.

Combine Bankers

Unfortunately, betting on the overwhelming favourites, or so called “bankers”, will not deliver any significant returns. However, combining a host of such bets will quickly see the odds increase. Surprises occur often in sport, meaning that bankers are certainly not guaranteed to win at any time. However, the possible returns of a trixie involving bankers could well be too good of an opportunity to turn down.

Each Way Trixies

Each way trixies are another popular option for punters. While the stake required will be larger, the level of insurance offered often makes this worthwhile. Those selecting the right runners and riders will likely regularly receive returns, especially given the number of bookies now offering “Extra Places” promotions. This is a strategy adopted by many punters nowadays, so be sure to consider it too.

5 Key Betting Tips When Placing a Trixie Bet 

Along with the strategies above, there are some more basic tips that punters should also keep in mind when placing trixies. The following tips are applicable to all sports:

  1. Do Your Homework – Before placing any trixie, it is important that you have carried out the necessary research surrounding potential picks. If it be horse racing, look at the form, going, jokes and trainers involved. Meanwhile, with other sports, look at recent results, head to head records and home advantage. 
  2. Set a Budget – Trixies require a higher stake than most other bet types. As such, punters must set and stick to a budget. Regardless of your strategy, being responsible is a must. Most online bookies make it easy to set a deposit limit, helping to control spending.
  3. Utilise Promotions – As we will outline in greater detail below, there are many promotions that can be beneficial to those placing trixies. When the terms and conditions are favourable, be sure to take full advantage of such offers. 
  4. Never Chase Losses – If you have placed an unsuccessful trixie, do not rush into placing another. Instead, take the time to regroup. Chasing losses will often put you further into the red, which is not what anyone is aiming to do.
  5. Stick to What You Know – Regardless of how attractive the odds may be elsewhere, be sure to stick to sports and markets that you are familiar with. Operating out of your comfort zone will most likely lead to disappointment.

Best Trixie Bet Offers In Ireland

Promotions specific to trixie bets are hard to come by, with very few having been made available by bookies over the years. However, with the bet being most popular for horse racing fans, there are a variety of eligible promotions to discuss. Horse racing promos include best odds guaranteed, non-runner no bet, fall insurance, acca insurance and price boosts. Below are some of the horse racing promotions offered by our recommended trixie betting sites at this time:

Betfred – Free Bet if 2ndBetfred logo

In the event of your horse racing pick finishing second in selected races, your stake will be refunded. Refunds are delivered in the form of a free bet, which will be available for up to 7 days. The maximum refund has been set at €10. Finally, 5 or more runners are required in order to qualify for this bet from Betfred.

QuinnBet – Acca Bonuslogo quinnbet

When placing accumulator bets, there are few better sites than QuinnBet. Punters can earn a free bet of up to £50 on winning multiples. In order to qualify, place a bet with 2+ selections, at odds of at least 3/10 per pick. The bonus will depend on the number of selections, with 5+ fold accas receiving a 20% bonus. 

Paddy Power – Best Odds Guaranteedpaddy power1

Paddy Power is one of the many bookies currently offering best odds guaranteed. Available on all UK & Irish races, qualifying bets must be placed from 8am on race day. So, if you take advantage of a price, only to see that the starting price is greater, winnings will be paid out at the bigger price. 

888Sport – Double Result888Sport logo

Should your horse get promoted to a place or even awarded a win after the race is over, 888Sport will pay out. This promo applies to bets placed on race day only, with all UK & Irish races being eligible. 

Placing A Trixie Bet On A Mobile App 

As you would expect given advancements in technology of late, trixie bets can be placed on both desktop and mobile. There is generally no difference between operating on the two platforms. Punters will be able to find the same number of sports and markets, with many bookies having taken the step of developing dedicated mobile betting apps too. 

Such apps, available on iOS and Android devices in most cases, are more efficient than mobile sportsbook sites. However, there are, of course, some betting apps that have a better reputation than others when it comes to trixies. The following are our top 3 mobile apps for fans of trixie bets:

Is There Trixie Betting In Other Sports?

As we have alluded to throughout this page, the trixie bet is best suited to horse racing markets. However, such bets can also be placed on other sports, with football and tennis being two standout options. For example, selecting three football teams across the weekend or three tennis players in the first round of a tournament.

Given that the best teams and players generally come with short odds, backing them with doubles and trebles is a good method of boosting the total price. Tennis trixies are especially appealing, given that a match comes with just two possible outcomes, player A win or player B win. So, regardless of which sports it is that you follow, be sure to consider the trixie option from now on. 

Final Word on Trixie Bet Explained

Now that we have outlined the trixie key bet characteristics, punters should have a much better understanding of how this type of wager works. While being most commonly associated with horse racing, a trixie can now be placed on a host of other sports too. So, if you are looking to place a system bet that is easy to get your head around, a trixie could well be for you. Check out our recommended trixie bookies in Ireland, potentially claiming your welcome bonus when signing up. 

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