Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid Goal Highlights (30 Oct 2010)

David Trezeguet’s third minute goal was enough to keep Real Madrid trailing for the rest of the half. At halftime, Hercules were about to shock La Liga the second time but we all also knew that Galacticos are going to come out as Jose Mourinho’s men and turn the game around. That is exactly what happened when Angel Di Maria goal seven minutes into the second half and the team’s composure showed that Madrid was in complete control of the game.

Later on, 82nd and 86th minute saw Cristiano Ronaldo score two off Karim Benzema. One was a rebound after a Benzema shot and the the other was a Benzema assist.

Hercules 1-0 Real Madrid (Trezeguet, 3′)

Hercules 1-1 Real Madrid (Di Maria, 52′)

Hercules 1-2 Real Madrid (Ronaldo, 82′)

Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid (Ronaldo, 86′)