Have Liverpool already signed Rafinha?

Recently Rafa Benitez talked about how he had already signed three Liverpool players for next season, two of those youth prospects while the other a senior “ready for the first team”.

This player according to ‘The Daily Mail’ is believed to be the FC Schalke right-back Rafinha. With Guilleme Balague, La Liga expert and close confidant of Rafa Benitez, somewhat reticent on who this player is in his weekly podcast ‘The Game’ can anyone shed any light on this matter?

A lot of Liverpool fans are eager to find out whether the rumours are indeed true. Clearly the full-back positions are in need of improvement and after seeing Rafinha play for the last two seasons one is in no doubt that he would be a more than welcome addition to the Liverpool starting line-up. If it is not him then we may well be looking at the recruitment of a certain Jose Boswinga. Either way both players are fantastic right-backs in their own right.

Anyone got any news?

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