Has Rafa Benitez Quit Liverpool?

No he hasn’t. Of course he hasn’t. My apologies for leading you to think that he had.

However, it does help me draw attention to this accurate depiction (comic below) of what ‘football blogging’ can be like when you get people chasing the almightly dollar / pound with scant regard for quality, principles or even long-term sustainability and success.

We have some really talented bloggers here on Soccerlens and elsewhere in the community. A lot of what we do (as a football blogging community) is fascinating work – football is a uniting force across many disciplines and you’ll see art and literary genius in football blogs and podcasts all around you.

After 3 years, I’ve stopped complaining about ‘bloggers writing only to make money’ or journalists ‘painting’ stories a certain way just to get more attention to an article with no point to it (the irony isn’t lost on me here). I’ve stopped admiring and loathing journalists from afar, and I’ve pretty much made my peace with the Sun and the rest.

There are times though, when journalists and bloggers go too far – both in making up stories and in reporting them. If you’re concocting something from nothing and misleading people, you’re scum. But if you’re reporting unverified news in a rush to be ‘first’ without doing the most basic of fact-checks – you’re a moron.


Studs Up by Chris Toy