Halftime update: Manchester United’s domination is useless without goals

Well, that was unfortunate…

Contrary to the press hype (they love their hype, don’t they?), Manchester United ravaged City in the opening exchanges, dominating possession and control of the game.

So why didn’t Manchester United score then?

Nani’s poor decision making. The fact that Micah Richards is having a monster of a game. Oh, and a penalty for that tackle on Evra that wasn’t given. The fact that Manchester United don’t have a traditional, tall striker who can open up the City defense for them.

You can’t do anything about poor ref decisions except hurl abuse at them (or the FA). On the other hand, I just saw a replay of that incident and Evra had already taken his shot before he was tackled, so maybe there was some justice in that.

You can’t do much if the opposition center-back is the best player on the pitch on that day.

But Nani could have made better decisions several times during the game, shooting higher, passing better, passing instead of shooting, etc. It’s harsh on him, and I think we should give him a lot more time, but it IS costing us games.

And Saha’s unavailability and the lack of a real replacement following Rooney’s injury is costing us. Everyone’s injured? So where are the replacements? We’ve talked about this several times and it was the same story last season and I said this then as well – as long as we don’t have injuries we’re fine, but the moment we get hit by them we have no backup.

Well up front, we have no backup.

The City goal – EVDS should have sighted it better, Vidic did the right thing to hang back but Rio should have probably tracked back better. Overall it was unfortunate but a very good strike by Geovanni and a deserved goal.

Manchester United now have 45 minutes to get their season back on track. If they lose this game, it’s going to be a very tough season and a very tough points difference to cut down afterwards.

Here’s to a Tevez hat trick! 🙂