Gomez going for 50m euros, Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United all interested

Stuttgart have slapped a 50m euros price tag on Mario Gomez, in a manner reminiscent of Lyon’s incessant posturing that comes every year before they sell their star player in the summer (usually to Madrid or Chelsea, or Barcelona have been the beneficiaries as well).

Mario Gomez is in demand right now and if he goes with (and stars for) Germany in Euro 2008, his value will go even higher. Once Gomez decides to leave for greener pastures, it’s going to be very difficult for Suttgart to keep him from going to Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) or England (Manchester United and Chelsea).

Gomez himself wants to play for Barcelona:

“I would like to play abroad in the future and Barcelona is my dream team.”

Then again, many players have cited other clubs as their preferred choice (Torres, Robben, Essien, Ronaldinho) before moving to another club because of the money / sudden change of circumstances, so Chelsea and Manchester United fans need not lose hope. And Real Madrid? With their rumour mill and aggressive approach to transfers, you can never count them out.

I think he’ll stay at Stuttgart for another year. Your thoughts on where Gomez will play next season?