Going Lampard?

A shoutout to SoccerBlog, who have added a very useful term to our football lexicon:

Lampard – As used in this sentence: “Have you gone Lampard on us?”

Lampard (noun): To hit the ball with full force from five yards outside the goal and see it miss its target by a considerable margin (a length of a football field), to do this endlessly, and then follow it up with a look of chagrin. Synonymous with no finesse, useless, failure to score, directionally challenged, repetitive, berserker, subcortical.

Full entry can be found here:

Have you gone Lampard on us?

On a totally unrelated tangent, here’s what Luis Aragones (the Spanish coach) had to say when asked to apologise for his racist remarks about Thiery Henry:

“I won’t talk about it for another second. Why? Because it’s not like that. I have black, Gypsy and Japanese friends, including one whose job is to determine the sex of poultry.”