How to Get More Comments

If you want your articles to get more comments, consider these three things when writing:

1. Topic
Pick a topic that evokes strong opinions. In football, diving and poor refereeing decisions are ever-green topics for discussion. The history of a club’s kit, while informational, is not something that will invite as many comments (unless you tie it in with another element). You don’t ALWAYS have to write to invite discussion (informational articles are important and have their own space) but if your main goal is to get comments and start a discussion, pick the right topic.

2. Don’t tell the whole story
If you’re going to argue all 3 sides of the story, there’s not much left for people to discuss. If every possible opinion is explored in your article, then there’s less incentive for readers to express their opinion with a comment. Pick one side, or if you want, make a brief case for both sides, and leave the loop open.

3. Timing
Timing is important – discussing something that happened today or yesterday will get more comments than something that happened a week ago. Tie in your discussion topics to current events and trends, and you’ll notice an increased response as well.

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