Football Pictures (on special demand)

A recent comment (about 20 mins ago by my watch) asked if I had any pictures of a fan putting Barca’s flag on Henry during the Villarreal-Arsenal Champions League semi-final. As it happens, I managed to uncover the picture (and one more) and thought it would be best if I made a post about it.

Henry pic with Barca Flag – 1

Henry with Barca flag on his shoulder - put there by a fan

Henry looks amused – the man has a sense of humor, at least. Maybe he has some common sense as well to not sacrifice his dreams for a faltering club?

Henry pic with Barca Flag – 2

Henry with Barca flag on his shoulder - put there by a fan

Apparently the fan also wanted people to visit his website. I’m not giving him a link, but he sure gets his 15 minutes of fame.

Garcia and Mullins have a go – Liverpool vs West Ham

Mullins pushes Garcia in the face and Garcia goes flying - Liverpool v West Ham

Too many on-field scraps these days, methinks. But an excellent picture, still. If you go to Soccernet they’ve got one with Mullins with his hand on Garcia’s face, but I prefer this one.

There you have it. Any more requests? Just let me know through the contact page or by dropping a comment here.