Fifa11 Ad Behind The Scenes

One of the coolest football advertisements hit international tv’s in the past weeks, promoting the newest version of Fifa11. We have a behind the scenes look at how this advertisement was made, with really nice interviews from the main actors, Kaka, Iniesta, Rooney and more.

The process behind the making of these TV ads is sometimes as exciting as the actual ad. Some previews of the game are also juicy to watch. We also have the full version advertisement in its final version for you to view.

We posted recently about the release of the Fifa11 PC Demo, and most users have been reporting very positively about the demo and the gameplay. One comment I received was that the graphics on Fifa11 on the PC are the same quality as those on Xbox 360, which is a huge move forward for the game and the company in general.

Fifa11 TV Ad Behind The Scenes "We are 11"
Fifa11 TV Ad Behind The Scenes "We are 11"

Anyways, here’s the behind the scenes video:

And the actual advertisement:

What do you think of the advert and the behind the scenes video? Pretty good build-up in excitement from EA Sports in this case!