FIFA wants to impose 6+5 quota on football clubs

According to BBC, Sepp Blatter has declared that he wants to impose the “six plus five” rule on football clubs around the world. He believes that this would be a great way to balance the game which has now clearly been monopolized by the richest clubs. And I believe that this is the only thing Blatter has ever said that made sense.

The rule would require that each team to have 6 home grown players in their line-up and a maximum of five foreigners. The Swiss also said that he wants the rule to be in place by 2012. The target of this rule, he claims, is to level the playing field between associations and teams in the same association. BBC reports he said:

“As Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan recently said: ‘I can only start my season to fight to be fifth or sixth or seventh. It is impossible for me to go into the final four’.”

“At the end of the Champions League in Europe you have in the quarter-finals four teams of the same association (country); in the semi-finals three of these teams.

“Then in the final you are surprised that you have two teams of the same association? We want to bring some remedies and this is the six-plus-five rule’s objective.”

He further stated: “The executive committee unanimously supported the proposed resolution concerning the six-plus-five rule”

The rule could be put into place by 2012 should FIFA not be opposed by Europe’s clubs which have proven a stumbling block in the past for reforms that FIFA and UEFA tried to carry out.

[Source: BBC]

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