Fake David Beckham Pepsi ‘Ad’

According to the following video, drinking Pepsi (the new skinny Diet Pepsi can that you drink with a straw, apparently) gives you the magical ability to place three footballs into far-off trashcans while shooting barefoot, on the beach. At your first attempt. Plus genuine humility to go along with it.

Either David Beckham is quite simply the coolest footballer on the planet, or Pepsi has gambled that enough people will watch this video and talk about their new Diet Pepsi ‘skinny’ can – which, let’s face it, we’re doing right now. Even the Diet Pepsi facebook page (let alone the video on Pepsi’s YouTube channel) has people calling it a fake.

The only good (?) thing to come out of this is that the actual Diet Pepsi commercial David Beckham was supposed to be shooting that day on the beach has Sofia Vergara in it. Sorry folks, no ‘behind-the-scenes’ video there, but if drinking Pepsi (with a straw) can help Beckham achieve miracles, what wonders would SV bring to YouTube?