Fabio Capello Shirt

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So you all are up to date with everything, Umbro has delayed the release of the 2008-10 England Away Kit until March 12th. However, our friends over at Subside Sports have unveiled a beautiful Fabio Capello shirt that will be given away free when you pre-order the new England away kit, or you can buy the shirt itself.

Taken on the theme of such Mafia shows as the “Sopranos” and the “Godfather” movie series, the shirt shows a picture of Fab Capello’s face with “Fabio Capello. England. Redefined.” The kicker is the second “L” in Capello is shaped like a gun pointing up. Great shirt, a must for any die hard England fan. Head on over and see the shirt for yourself, you will be glad you did!

Fabio Capello Shirt

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