Everyone except sourpuss Benitez picks Manchester United as league champions

An interesting article appeared in the Guardian this morning, featuring soundbites from 9 managers in the Premier League on the chances of Manchester United and Chelsea in winning the Premier League this season.

This was before today’s set of matches, mind you, so it wasn’t as if these managers knew ahead of time that Manchester United were going to derobe West Ham and then whip them into submission (some expressions don’t translate that well, I’m afraid).

The responses were predictable (8 out of 9 backed United, guess who was the odd one out), although it would have been interesting to hear the other 7 managers (keeping Curbs and Keegan out of this since their teams play the league leaders this weekend), I doubt they’d have gone against United, such is the level of expectations surrounding the Manchester club’s final 2 performances.

So what about Rafa?

Who will win the league?

“I have my own idea who I want to win the title but if it’s not Liverpool I would prefer not to say anything”

Who do you want to win it?

“I would prefer not to say anything”

Hmmm… Is it just me or is Rafa just pissed at the world in general? To the first, I’d point to Wenger’s answer – classy, and despite his long-standing rivalry with Ferguson he points to United as worthy champions (not without a dig at Chelsea’s playing style, but still).

Or is it that Rafa has so many axes to grind against Chelsea, United and Arsenal that he can’t pick anyone of them?

On the second – say something man, say Liverpool, say Spain, say something. Rafa, don’t be such a sourpuss, we expect better.