August 12—August 19, 2018 in Kiev

An introduction to minifootball

Minifootball is probably one of the most popular field sports in the world. to bet on different sporting events like minifootball, you need to download betting apps like the MyBookie app. Minifootball is different from regular football in terms of pitch size, number of players playing, the number of goals.

Minifootball is played all over the world in various formats; so, you can have a 5-a-side, 6, 7, and even 8-a-side versions. It is played both on natural grass and artificial grass. Since it is a popular sport, many amateur players are engaged in this sport all over the globe throughout the year. The World Minifootball Federation or WMF is the governing body for this sport since 2008. It aims to organize and unify this sport at an international level so that the same rules are followed. Several sub-continental bodies follow the 7-a-side format such as the FIF7 and IFA7.

Minifootball basically means small-sided soccer for both amateurs/recreational and professional players. The WMF organizes the World Cup every two years and there are many continental championships vis-à-vis national federations. WMF has made efforts to increase spectators in its football stadiums and through its membership; it has also promoted value of this sport amongst its partners.