Euro 2020 Fixtures & Results | Full Euro 2020 Schedule & Dates

Here are all Euro 2020 fixtures – you’ll see the full Euro 2020 schedule below, including all the relevant dates and venues.

We will also be updating this page regularly with the latest results.

Euro 2020 Fixtures: Group Stages

Friday, June 11
Group A: Turkey v Italy (8pm, Stadio Olimpico)

Saturday, June 12
Group A: Wales v Switzerland (2pm, Olympic Stadium)
Group B: Denmark v Finland (5pm, Parken Stadium)
Group B: Belgium v Russia (8pm, Krestovsky Stadium)

Sunday, June 13
Group D: England v Croatia (2pm, Wembley Stadium)
Group C: Austria v North Macedonia (5pm, Arena Nationala)
Group C: Netherlands v Ukraine (8pm, Johan Cruyff Arena)

Monday, June 14
Group D: Scotland v Czech Republic (2pm, Hampden Park)
Group E: Poland v Slovakia (5pm, Krestovsky Stadium)
Group E: Spain v Sweden (8pm, Estadio de La Cartuja)

Tuesday, June 15
Group F: Hungary v Portugal (5pm, Puskas Arena)
Group F: France v Germany (8pm, Allianz Arena)

Wednesday, June 16
Group B: Finland v Russia (2pm, Krestovsky Stadium)
Group A: Turkey v Wales (5pm, Olympic Stadium)
Group A: Italy v Switzerland (8pm, Stadio Olimpico)

Thursday, June 17
Group C: Ukraine v North Macedonia (2pm, Arena Nationala)
Group B: Denmark v Belgium (5pm, Parken Stadium)
Group C: Netherlands v Austria (8pm, Johan Cruyff Arena)

Friday, June 18
Group E: Sweden v Slovakia (2pm, Krestovsky Stadium)
Group D: Croatia v Czech Republic (5pm, Hampden Park)
Group D: England v Scotland (8pm, Wembley Stadium)

Saturday, June 19
Group F: Hungary v France (2pm, Puskas Arena)
Group F: Portugal v Germany (5pm, Allianz Arena)
Group E: Spain v Poland (8pm, Estadio de La Cartuja)

Sunday, June 20
Group A: Italy v Wales (5pm, Stadio Olimpico)
Group A: Switzerland v Turkey (5pm, Olympic Stadium)

Monday, June 21
Group C: North Macedonia v Netherlands (5pm, Johan Cruyff Arena)
Group C: Ukraine v Austria (5pm, Arena Nationala)
Group B: Russia v Denmark (8pm, Parken Stadium)
Group B: Finland v Belgium (8pm, Krestovsky Stadium)

Tuesday, June 22
Group D: Czech Republic v England (8pm, Wembley Stadium)
Group D: Croatia v Scotland (8pm, Hampden Park)

Wednesday, June 23
Group E: Slovakia v Spain (5pm, Estadio de La Cartuja)
Group E: Sweden v Poland (5pm, Krestovsky Stadium)
Group F: Germany v Hungary (8pm, Allianz Arena)
Group F: Portugal v France (8pm, Puskas Arena)

Euro 2020 Fixtures: Round of 16

Saturday, June 26
1: Group A Second Place v Group B Second Place (5pm, Johan Cruyff Arena)
2: Group A Winner v Group C Second Place (8pm, Wembley Stadium)

Sunday, June 27
3: Group C Winner v Third Place Group D/E/F (5pm, Puskas Arena)
4: Group B Winner v Third Place Group A/D/E/F (8pm, Estadio de La Cartuja)

Monday, June 28
5: Group D Second Place v Group E Second Place (5pm, Puskas Arena)
6: Group F Winner v Third Place Group A/B/C (8pm, Arena Nationala)

Tuesday, June 29
7: Group D Winner v Group F Second Place (5pm, Wembley Stadium)
8: Group E Winner v Third Place Group A/B/C/D (8pm, Hampden Park)

Euro 2020 Fixtures: Quarter-Finals

Friday, July 2
Quarter-Finalist 1 v Quarter-Finalist 2 (5pm, Krestovsky Stadium)
Quarter-Finalist 3 v Quarter-Finalist 4 (8pm, Allianz Arena)

Saturday, July 3
Quarter-Finalist 5 v Quarter-Finalist 6 (5pm, Olympic Stadium)
Quarter-Finalist 7 v Quarter-Finalist 8 (8pm, Stadio Olimpico)

Euro 2020 Fixtures: Semi-Finals

Tuesday, July 6
Semi-Finalist 1 v Semi-Finalist 2 (8pm, Wembley Stadium)

Wednesday, July 7
Semi-Finalist 3 v Semi-Finalist 4 (8pm, Wembley Stadium)

Euro 2020 Fixtures: Final

Sunday, July 11
Semi-Final 1 Winner v Semi-Final 2 Winner (8pm, Wembley Stadium)

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