Elizabeth Lambert – Loses her cool and everything else too!

Elizabeth Lambert is a college football defender playing for New Mexico in the Women’s Mountain West Conference college tournament. In the game against Bringham Young University (BYU), things got a little rough with Elizabeth. Things got so rough that she earned the nickname Elizabeth “cheap-shot” Lambert. Seriously, words can’t describe what she has done. So, here’s the video of the event:

Watch the video here:

That’s just disgusting. Number 1, that’s a college level match and you don’t need to harm your opponents at that level. Number 2, what happened to the referee and the linesmen? The only acceptable answers for not showing the red card to Elizabeth will be a physical inability to blow… the whistle, that is. Blind will do too.

This is surely something that needs to be looked in to and serious action taken against the players and the officials involved.