Ecuador finish what Germany started

Ecuador 2, Poland 0

The first 17 minutes of the World Cup – a fast-paced opening encounter between Germany and Costa Rica that saw three goals – pointed to an exciting, goal-friendly summer.

Ecuador did not disappoint. Poland were looking strangely fragile and nothing like the team that had lead England by 5 points at one point in the World Cup qualifying stages, while Ecaudor were lightening fast on the counter-attack and strong in defense – although with Poland’s front line misfiring that statement will not worry Costa Rica too much. Poland had been tipped to win this match, but with Ecuador winning 2-0 and Costa Rica showing that they can score a few goals as they did against Germany, the race for second place in Group A is definitely on.

The real party is still to begin though, with England vs Paraguay and Argentina vs Ivory Coast on tomorrow (10th).

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