Berbatov, Tottenham and Manchester United (Round #232093172)

Berbatov’s future is still the subject of furious debate, especially with press ‘sources’ (if that doesn’t do a good job of hiding my disgust for the creative bullshit tabloids publish, nothing will) claiming that Berbatov had told Jol that he’d leave as well.

Anyway, Martin Jol is gone and Juande Ramos, a man who is deemed to be tactically more astute than Martin Jol, is in. The man has two consecutive Uefa Cup titles, not a small feat, and with the Tottenham board ready to invest heavily again (new ground, better players and all that), Berba might have ‘reconsidered’ his situation, especially after meeting with Ramos and later, with his agent meeting with Comolli.

Not so – roll out Ramos’s comments a day before Tottenham’s Uefa Cup game against Hapoel Tel Aviv when he said he wouldn’t stop any player from leaving, but that Berba was happy and he needed to stick together with the team and help Tottenham out in their time of need.

The Sun, those of sleazy link-whoring tactics (and other crimes against humanity, although for the record I’m not against the principles behind Page 3), have taken it one step further, now quoting Dimitar Berbatov’s brother as saying that the Bulgarian striker had ‘outgrown’ Tottenham and wants to join Manchester United. He’s also quoted by them as saying that Berba get “grumpy” when he is not the “centre of attention and main man”.

Shock! Horror! A striker, a good striker at that, wants to play at a club challenging for top honours, not one fighting relegation or even the Uefa Cup, and wants to be a hero as well. You could take Berbatov’s name out of this and plug in any striker’s name, and you’d be spot on.

I would fire up my IM and ask my favourite man utd blogger on what he thinks about this, but I think I know what he’ll say – fuck the Sun.


Do Manchester United still need Berbatov? Definitely – but then again Manchester United need another striker. It’s not about Berbatov or Tottenham, it’s about United. Hopefully Fergie will make the right choice next summer with who he brings in, because we really need a third pair of reliable legs up front.

Will Berbatov leave Tottenham? Eventually, yes. A lot of it depends on Ramos and his ability to turn this season around, and I think we’ll know – and IMO Berba will know – a lot more about where he’s going after Christmas. The ifs and buts are clear to all of us, it’s a matter of waiting and seeing how well Ramos does at Tottenham. Berba has to give his best to the Spurs cause till the end, because his temperament will be a big part of whether Fergie deems him suitable for his Manchester United side or not.

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