David Beckham fires LA Galaxy to first win of season

David Beckham scored his the first goal and set Landon Donovan (who set Becks up for the first one) up for another as LA Galaxy win 2-0 against the San Jose Earthquakes. I don’t care what the match was like. I don’t particularly care about the LA Galaxy either.

All I care is that Beckham scores – and without being presumptious, that’s a view many other non-American ‘newcomers’ to the MLS hold as well.

Here’s hoping for many more from Becks this season. Here’s the goal (don’t have the Beckham assist / the second goal, if anyone has a video link to it please drop it in the comments.

Will Beckham start when England play the US at Wembley? I imagine pressure from sponsors will make it happen, but then Beckham sells, and that’s what football in the US needs in the first place – the ability to attract massive attention.