David Beckham – 60-yarder and naive MLS

So, the world’s most famous footballer scored from 60-odd yards out, in extra time, albeit with an open net as the opposing keeper had gone up for a corner.

As a Beckham fan, I’m really happy to see him scoring goals and getting games under his belt – imagine if he’d been injury free last season; how different would people’s view of his transfer to the MLS would be now?

I just want to know one thing – why didn’t the two Kansas City players close him down before he took his shot? He had plenty of space already but the two closest players to him could have done a bit more in terms of closing him down and shaking his concentration. It’s not as if Beckham would nutmeg them and then peel off on a solo run and beat the keeper to the goal – he’s not that fast. Tactical naivety, although it shouldn’t take away from an excellent goal.

See the video below for yourself.

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