Daniel Agger v Younes Kaboul / Liverpool v Tottenham

Tottenham transfer target Younes Kaboul and Liverpool player Daniel Agger are two of the best young central defenders in Europe at the moment.

Agger is one year older at 22 but has more experience playing at the highest level what with a full Champions League run for Liverpool culminating with a start in the final, senior Denmark squad and playing in the Premiership week in week out.

Kaboul is slightly taller and more imposing but Agger’s got a sweet left foot, better on the ball and is very composed. He’s also developing a propensity to score goals but whats interesting is that his goals aren’t typical of central defenders.

The goals he’s scored for Liverpool and Denmark have been classy, which strikers would be proud of scoring. Its like you can’t tell that hes a central defender when he gets into those positions whereas someone like Rio Ferdinand tends to blast them (although he is very good on the ball).

Agger is all about finesse and its no wonder journalists, fans and ex-players have compared him to the great Alan Hansen. You can understand why people were saying this guy is gonna be the main stay at Liverpool and Denmark for a long time.

If as expected Kaboul goes to Tottenham we might see the same level of progression seen in Agger but we’ll have to wait and see. The next Thuram…..maybe. People in France, especially well respected journalist Philippe Auclair seem to think so. But for the time being Agger looks like the better prospect both on the domestic and international stage.

So what do you guys think – can Kaboul do the same at Tottenham that Agger has done at Liverpool?

Will Kaboul fit in as seamlessly into the Tottenham back four as Agger did this season?

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