Could Sheffield United please shut up?

Please, spare us.

We don’t want to hear you moan.

We don’t care if you ‘think’ that Sheffield United were cheated (they weren’t, they couldn’t win the games they should have).

We don’t even care if you think West Ham cheated (not as much as Sheffield United did in the Kabba contract, and btw that’s legal under PL rules, so what are you on about?).

What we really want is for the football to get back. In the meantime, as we suffer through close season and the lack of football (big money transfers lose their charm very fast), the only thing we have to save us is the trickle of footy news that comes through, or the banter in footy forums.

So please, Sheffield United, please do not bore us with your media campaign and your bullshit. You lost, on the pitch and in the courts, and to be honest,

And before you think I’m a numpty who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, read this, this and this. I’ve done my homework, I know what the initial ruling said and I know what the PL rules are.

West Ham were punished for lying to the Premier League. The U18 rule break is a frackin’ joke; Sheffield and Man United have done worse, and it’s acceptable (I’m a Man Utd fan btw, so keep that in mind before you bitch) for the PL, why have double standards?

Could Sheffield United please shut the fuck up?

Thank you.

If you wish, you can drop by the SL forum thread discussing this topic and whine there.