Could Gudjohnsen be a first-teamer for West Ham, Newcastle United or Manchester City?

Apparently Eidur Gudjohnsen thinks that West Ham are not good enough for him and has rejected their offer after West Ham had a bid for him accepted by Barcelona.

While I can see why West Ham want G, I don’t get why G would turn down West Ham, unless he reads Soccerlens. He probably doesn’t want to go anywhere around Craig Bellamy, or more likely doesn’t want to be 3rd choice behind Ashton and Bellamy (if he gets to be 3rd choice, that is).

Not that his chances at Barcelona (behind the big four and Bojan even) are any better. Newcastle United also have plenty of strikers on the books, plus their reputation for being cursed with injuries never helps.

Manchester City are also in, and it would be a wise move for Sven Goran Eriksson if he gets the Iceman on board. Not sure if it would be a great move for G, as he’d have to prove himself all over again and fight for a place in the starting lineup.

What do you guys think? In which club would Gudjohnsen find it easier to establish himself as a first-team regular (because in my view that’s his main concern – all 3 clubs can pay him well and all 3 are ‘on the up’ and pushing for Europe) – Manchester City, Newcastle United or West Ham?

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