Chelsea won, Manchester United lost

Mourinho was right, and Ferguson’s face showed it during the post-match interview:

Manchester United lost a fantastic opportunity to stake a claim to the title.

With United’s tough away games still to come, it’s going to be a long, tough road for them. Chelsea also have their tough games to come though, so it’s not as if they’re on the home stretch either.

You’d imagine that Chelsea would survive if Sheva got injured – but take Saha or Rooney out of United’s lineup, and it’s almost not capable of winning the tough games.

Yes, in certain areas Chelsea are not as far ahead – defence is a toss-up really, both sides have adequate cover. But in midfield United have 4 quality players, Chelsea have 6, not including SWP. Already you’ve got an imbalance, and in winter if United are hit by injuries they’ll suffer.

Yes, it’s a long race, but in the long race you expect Chelsea’s squad to help them, not hinder them. United are hungrier, Chelsea more skilled. United have the lead, Chelsea are the one team you’d expect to cut that lead down and overtake Manchester United.

Should be fun viewing on Wednesday as Chelsea go to Bolton and United host Everton. But on Sunday, at Old Trafford, Manchester United lost and Chelsea won, and that’s what the two teams would have taken away from the game, regardless of the banter in the press.

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