Chelsea legend John Terry to reconsider retirement?

John-Terry-England-Captain-2011Reports in the newspapers over the weekend suggest that John Terry may be reconsidering his international retirement, with a view to gaining a place in England’s squad for the Brazil World Cup.

Whilst this may seem an enticing prospect for the player, and an attractive opportunity for Roy Hodgson to have the Premier League’s outstanding English centre-back available, it would surely be a poisoned chalice for both  – not to mention the FA.

Terry may be viewing a summer in Brazil as an ideal swansong to his career, and on form, there is every likelihood that he would quickly secure a place in the squad. Given the history of his retirement however, the risk of any possible selection turning into a media frenzy where the very last item on the agenda would be the squad’s prospects is a massive danger.

On top of this of course is the real prospect of the FA seeking to apply a ban that became irrelevant when Terry declared his retirement. Should he make himself available for selection again however the FA would have to decide whether to apply a ban.

If they do, the self-imposed exile will have been discounted and the player will seem to have been punished twice. If they do not however, it could be worse. Failing to display a willingness to punish the offence, even marking it off with a warning, would appear less than committed to the cause. On top of this of course, it’s likely that club manager Jose Mourinho would rather his captain stay out of the international football circus.

It’s probably not coincidental that not having international commitments may have contributed to Terry’s upsurge in form, both with regard to more rest and the lessening in pressure. It’s to be hoped that the player listens to and takes on board any wise counsel on offer to ihm. Sometimes, what seems very tempting is not the wisest option, and this could be one of those situations.

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