Can Manchester City afford Thaksin and Eriksson running the show?

Whether you think Sven Goran Eriksson has a good record in football management or not is irrelevant (and if your eyes deceive, see the damning statistics that confirm him as average) – what really bothers me at the moment is the thought that Manchester City are being bought by a man singled out for trial (and arrest) by his government and that he is the only real option Manchester City have of selling out to.

Talk about bad times.

Instead of saying the obvious (that Man City need the investment, that Eriksson may be the highest-calibre manager Man City can attract under the current financial climate / club status in the Prem and that 50m won’t buy the title, good players and a good manager will), I’ll just put the following question to Manchester City fans:

Where do you think Manchester City will finish in the table next season if Thaksin takes over, brings in Eriksson and hands him 50m?

And the follow-up:

Who would Eriksson buy with 50m?


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