Brazil v Argentina, 2008 Olympics, Semifinal

Watch Argentina v Brazil live online.

Argentina will take on Brazil on Tuesday, 19th August 2008 in the 2nd 2008 Olympic football semi-final (first semifinal preview – Nigeria v Belgium – here). You can follow the live scores here. There’s enough bite in the mere mention of Brazil v Argentina without me needing to hype the match up – but there are a few talking points here:

  1. We all know the Olympic gold medal is the one football ‘title’ Brazil haven’t won – and the fact that they’ll need to beat arch rivals Argentina to get there makes this that much more important.
  2. Although Argentina came to defend their Olympic gold, and losing to Brazil would be worse than losing the gold itself (unless Brazil go on to win it, which would make for interesting banter in dressing rooms across Europe [Old Trafford and Bernabeu, for starters]).
  3. Thanks to his performance(s), Rafael Sobis is now being touted as the next ‘target’ for top European clubs – do you know any clubs who could use a striker who, according to his coach: “is a player who can survive tough marking, who opens up spaces, who can make diagonal runs and doesn’t get caught offside”?
  4. Like Tevez in 2004, this is Messi’s stage to shine. He can’t do it alone, and if Argentina are to win him and Aguero will need to pull out all the stops.


Also see Nick Dorrington’s excellent article: The Future of Brazil’s Midfield is at Manchester United and Liverpool

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