Blackburn need to shore up their midfield and defence

I’m not convinced that Blackburn have the defence or midfield to make a play for a Uefa Cup place this season.

Tugay, Savage, Dunn and Mokoena are able central midfielders, but with Tugay’s age and Savage and Mokoena doing better as hatchetmen than offensive midfielders, any injury to Dunn leaves the Blackburn midfield woefully exposed.

Similarly, Blackburn’s defence relies too much on Friedel, Nelson and Warnock.

Up front and on the wings Blackburn are fine, although if the Pedersen rumours are true then Blackburn will have a big hole to fill and I doubt they’ll be able to do that this season unless a loan deal comes in.

Overall, Blackburn are short of about 2 quality players, one in defence and one in midfield.

What do you guys (especially Blackburn fans) think? Is the current squad good enough to mount a strong challenge for a Uefa Cup spot? How will Blackburn replace Pedersen?

And who can Hughes bring in to shore up the squad in the last two weeks?

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