Beye wins red-card appeal – shouldn’t Newcastle get all 3 points too?

The FA has decided to overturn Habib Beye’s red card (received during the Newcastle United v Manchester City match on Monday) and thus the player is free to play for Newcastle against Sunderland this weekend.

But while Beye returns to the starting lineup, there’s still the matter of the penalty that was given for the same incident that led to Beye’s dismissal.

If Styles gave Beye a straight red for unfairly tackling Robinho in the penalty area and then gave a penalty, either Beye was guilty of an offence or there was no penalty to begin with.

The FA have agreed that video replays have proved that Beye did not deserve to be dismissed, hence Styles made the wrong call, and hence there should have been no penalty to begin with.

This means that the FA have, implicitly at least, admitted that Manchester City didn’t deserve their point and that Newcastle deserved all 3 points.

So how about fixing the match results and making it truly fair? Or are we going to turn a blind eye to the fact that clubs will keep getting screwed over for refereeing mistakes (not that we should crucify referees, they try their best) with the FA overturns red cards when it suits their public image to do so?