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This is our free bet calculator that works out what you stand to gain from any wagers you make at the bookies. We’ve made it really easy to use, so check out what you could win from your latest bet:

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What is a Free Bet Calculator

A free bet calculator lets you calculate a fixed odds bet in terms of profit (the amount won) and return (the stake plus any potential winnings). Doing the maths yourself can be complicated, especially with many wagers on top betting sites containing multiple selections. We’ve taken all the hard work out out if it, though.

How to Use the SportsLens Bet Calculator

This is how you use the free bet calculator UK punters across the land are enjoying in six simple steps:

  1. Firstly, choose the type of bet you have had from the list across the top. If it’s an each way bet, then there’s a Yes / No option for that separately.
  2. Enter your desired stake and select the preferred Odds Format – either Fractional, Decimal or American – from the adjacent dropdown menu.
  3. Next, type in the odds relating to the bet. If using fractional prices, then enter the numerator in the left-hand box and denominator in the right-hand one.
  4. If it’s a horse racing wager, then include the appropriate Rule 4 deduction if one applies.
  5. Choose from the five options in the Results box: Won, Placed, Dead Heat, Lost and Void.
  6. Hit calculate and view the total return in the box next to the stake, with total profit displaying in the right-hand box.

Fractional Odds v Decimal Odds – Difference in Format

Any decent bet odds calculator should give you at least the choice between entering fractional and decimal prices. These different formats are just ways of expressing betting odds. With fractions in a free bet calculator, the numerator shows what you win based on the stake in the denominator.

A successful wager at 15/8, then, means you must stake £8 to win £15. Fractional odds are common on the horse bet calculator and only concerned with profit, so you should always add on your stake to calculate total returns. In this case, you receive £8 + £15 back, which makes £23.

For those wanting to simply calculate bet payout rather than profit, decimal odds have that covered. Working out a £20 bet at 3.50 is a simple multiplication of the stake by the price quoted. A win here brings total returns of £70.

Converting decimals into fractions, a £20 bet with £70 to come back is £50 profit. Therefore, the fractional odds are 5/2. It’s not always so simple converting one to the other, or working out returns and profit, though. This is why we have our free bet calculator service up and running.

Bet Types Explained

There are bet calculator odds for a whole range of wager types available. We cover everything from the most simple standalone punt to what they call combination and system bets. Check out what the bet return calculator has for you on each of these wagers:

Single Bet

The most basic bet of all, where you gamble on just one outcome happening. For example, Liverpool to win in the Premier League betting outright at 11/4.

Each Way Bet

Most popular for use as a horse bet calculator, each way betting is where you bet on an outcome for the win and to be placed. The unit stake doubles as a result. Outright odds govern the win only part of the wager. Each way terms depend on outside factors such as number of other potential winners and the type of event.

On the leading horse racing betting sites, standard place terms are either a quarter or of a fifth of outright odds. You can use adjust these in our free bet calculator. Remember, the terms that you struck a bet at may not be honoured in the event of non-runners reducing the field size below certain thresholds.

For instance, Red Rum in the Grand National at 12/1 with place terms of a quarter of outright odds for four places. If the Aintree legend does it again and you had £5 each way on him (£10 in total), then both the win and place parts of the wager pays out. There is £65 + £20 to come back to you, that is a total return of £85 and £75 profit.

Double Bet

You can also use our service as a multiple bet calculator with the most basic form of that being a Double. This is where you gamble on two outcomes in different events on the same betslip. The odds for the two legs are multiplied together, but both must win (or place if you go each way) for a payout.

For example, Arsenal for a top four finish in the Premier League at 2/1 and Norwich City to win the Championship outright at 6/1. A £10 stake on such a double returns £210, with £200 profit. Multiplying the prices together, the total odds of the bet are 20/1.

Treble Bet

Treble works just like a double only with an additional leg to it on the free bet calculator and betslip. The combination and system wagers start coming at this point with a Trixie bet (a treble and the three picks also across three doubles) and Patent bet calculator (three singles, three doubles and the treble) also among options for punters.

Accumulator Bet

Any multiple bet with four or a higher number of selections on different events is called an Accumulator. Known as an acca for short, the odds continue to multiply from leg to leg. The more selections included in your accumulator, the greater the return but also the harder it is to pull off.

Lucky 15 Bet

The Lucky 15 is a system bet comprised of a fourfold accumulator, four trebles, six doubles and four singles. That makes 15 wagers in one, hence the name. Even if just one selection wins, bookmakers must payout something.

Other Bets

You can work out other wagers using a free bet calculator too. There are some even more elaborate combination and system bets that you might use to mitigate the risks attached to straight accumulators. These are listed for your reference below:

  • Yankee (11 bets in one: a fourfold accumulator, four trebles and six doubles)
  • Canadian or Super Yankee (26 bets in one: a fivefold accumulator, five fourfolds, 10 trebles, and 10 doubles)
  • Lucky 31 (31 bets in one: a fivefold accumulator, five fourfolds, 10 trebles, 10 doubles and five singles)
  • Heinz (57 bets in one: a sixfold accumulator, six fivefolds, 15 fourfolds, 20 trebles and 15 doubles)
  • Lucky 63 (63 bets in one: a sixfold accumulator, six fivefolds, 15 fourfolds, 20 trebles, 15 doubles and six singles)
  • Super Heinz (120 bets in one: a sevenfold accumulator, seven sixfolds, 21 fivefolds, 35 fourfolds, 35 trebles and 21 doubles)
  • Goliath (247 bets in one: an eightfold accumulator, eight sevenfolds, 28 sixfolds, 56 fivefolds, 70 fourfolds, 56 trebles and 28 doubles)

Most Popular Bet Calculators UK Punters Use

If you want to look at some of the options available through our free bet calculator in more detail, then click the links in the list below for additional information:


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