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Online streaming has grown into a major part of modern life. The availability of content on-the-go has allowed viewers to balance their social life, professional life and entertainment without having to stay glued to their TV screens.

Furthermore, the on-demand services allow viewers to access the content at their own convenience and catch up with their favourite shows or games.

The increasing costs of broadcast subscriptions have also played a key role in the popularity of online streaming these days.

For example, sports broadcasters such as Sky Sports charge an exorbitant amount of money for a limited number of Premier League matches. Apart from the fact that it might not be affordable for everyone, the service is simply not a good value for money either.

When it comes to TV shows, the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney plus charge a considerable monthly fee as well. Add to that the cost of a quality VPN, a good internet service and suddenly entertainment becomes way too expensive.

Today we look at some of the top streaming sites across various categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Cartoon and Gaming.

Movies and TV Shows

Free movie streaming sites are a solid and affordable source of entertainment nowadays. Websites like Solarmovies offer several movies and TV shows to choose from. The simplistic website design is user friendly and the streams are of good quality as well. The streaming services are optimized for mobile and the constant addition of new titles makes it one of the best free streaming sites around.

FMovies is another free streaming service that has a wide range of movies and TV shows on offer. The Chromecast integration is a handy feature and viewers are allowed to create accounts so that they can curate their watch list.

GoStream is also a hugely popular streaming service that allows viewers to access HD quality content without the hassle of signing up or subscribing.

FlixTor scans the internet for the latest shows and movies and acts as a directory. Viewers have the option of subscribing to a premium plan that allows an ad-free experience.

123Movies is one of the most popular streaming sites around when it comes to the latest movies in high-definition quality. The website attracts several millions of viewers each month and their minimal buffering service provides a smooth user experience.

HD Rezka offers tons of movies and shows for live streaming and they are 100% free for online viewers. The service is available for mobile as well as desktop experience and the website is quite easy to use and viewers can enjoy their diverse range of titles without signing up.

Finally, when it comes to TV shows, there are few streaming sites that are as good as Watch series.

The online streaming service has a vast library of premium and trending content from Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. The clean interface also enhances the user experience.


When it comes to sports streaming, Live TV is one of the most popular options around. They offer tons of live sports broadcasts for free and they have a thriving community of users at their disposal.

Furthermore, the streaming service has been around for over a decade and that speaks volumes about their consistent quality and reliability in terms of streaming.

Sports Surge is another digital streaming service that caters to a handful of sports that are covered in depth.

They believe in an ad-free experience which enhances the user experience. The service covers various sports such as the NFL, NBA, MMA, Formula One and the English Premier League along with other European football leagues.

Mama HD is another great streaming website that provides an amazing user interface and an in-depth summary of each sporting event.

They attract around 5 million visitors per month and the service also allows viewers to interact with millions of fellow streamers from around the globe.

Your Sports is another content directory that accumulates the best links to sporting content from around the world. Their expansive content and the availability of IPTV channels is a major draw for viewers. It allows users to tune into their preferred channels and watch the build-up and coverage from premium channels without paying a single penny.

Cartoons & Anime

SeeZ is kids offers live streaming of kids videos and provides on-demand content that is child friendly. There is an extensive library of cartoons to choose from and it allows the users to watch the videos for free without registration.

The content is high quality, entertaining and educational in some ways. Some of the videos are packed with rhymes and lessons regarding colours and numbers in the form of cartoons. The content on this streaming service is mostly original and they can rival most of the major cable networks in terms of quality.

Kiss Cartoon is another streaming service with a vast library of cartoons from different countries and cultures. Their Anime section offers a large streaming library of Anime content with a large following.

The website is free to use and they encourage a sense of community on Facebook through comments. The user-friendly search section allows kids to find their preferred titles without any hassles.

123 movies is another website that streams premium cartoon content along with films and other TV shows. Shows such as the Family Guy, Rick and Morty are available in their expansive content library and there is a great diversification of cartoon content as well.

Their simple interface is child friendly and easy to navigate.

Cartoons on is another online streaming service with a versatile range of shows. There are plenty of animated movies to enjoy as well.

Shows such as Ben 10, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck tales and Scooby-doo are available 100% free of charge. The streaming service is available on desktop as well as mobile.

Super cartoons offer more than 1000 classic cartoon shows to choose from and they have a user-friendly desktop/mobile compatible website. Although some of the newer cartoon shows are missing on this streaming service, they make up for it with their impressive interface, minimal ads and no third party links.

Gogo Anime is a reputable anime streaming service that aims to build a community of fans where they can enjoy a huge library of anime content like Fairytale, Pokémon and Boku no hero academia.

The website hosts close to 1000 different anime titles in dubbed and subtitled versions.

Anime planet is one of the most popular anime streaming services around and they boast over 45,000 full strength streams. They have excellent user and community features along with desktop and mobile compatibility.

Anime Heaven is another trustworthy streaming service for anime content which hosts legendary shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon.

They have a wide range of shows when it comes to anime content and the option of switching between dark and light mode on the website is pleasing to the eye.

Finally, Funimation is one of the most popular anime streaming services around. They offer free and paid membership for the viewers. The website hosts thousands of shows and they sell DVD’s, Blu Ray and other merchandise related to anime content.


Online gaming is hugely popular nowadays and websites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook gaming allow millions of gamers from across the globe to play online and watch the best gamers play live on desktop, PlayStation and Xbox for free.

Twitch is probably the most popular and well-designed streaming service available for gamers right now. It aims to connect the content creators with streamers from across the globe and the category of streams is diverse.

The website boasts around 64,000 users and 1.9 million hours of live video content.

YouTube Gaming delivers free and high-quality streams as well and it allows users to monetize their work.

The streaming service has around 83 million subscribers and it is completely free for viewers and content creators.

Finally, Facebook gaming has been rapidly growing over the years as well and it is easy to follow streamers from across the globe playing games like PUBG, FIFA live from the mobile as well as desktop.

Best VPNs for streaming

When it comes to online streaming it is very important to invest in a good VPN service.

VPN services provide dependable and effective online security. They protect the data of streamers and allow users to bypass Geo-restrictions and enjoy premium content from across the globe.

Some of the popular VPN services are Nord VPN and Express VPN. They are one of the most reputable VPNs around there that provide complete anonymity on any device.

The IP scrambler feature and the easy to use interface allow streamers to enjoy the free content on the Internet without any hassles and worries about the exploitation of sensitive information.

Although both services can come across as a little bit pricey they are a worthwhile investment and could save a lot of money in the long run.

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