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Football has established itself as the most popular sport in the world over the years.

Millions of fans look forward to a realistic footballing experience through computer games nowadays.

The growing number of fans has added to the demand for football games.

Although the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA have done an extraordinary job to bridge the gap between real life and the virtual experience, there are others who have who have done it for free.

Nowadays users can not only play these games without having to pay for them, they can also access these games from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection.

Furthermore, with these browser based games, there is no need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and consoles. All of these games can be played on a reasonably configured computer.

Here at Soccerlens, we look at the 20 most popular online football games right now.

1) Copa Libertadores FK

This online football game sets up some unique challenges for the players, who need to overcome the hurdles and win the game.

You get to choose from 15 top teams and try to win Copa Libertadores.

Usually, the players get to play the second match after an automatic draw or loss in the first game.

All that needs to be done is, win the second game, make up the goal difference if need be and progress onto the next stage.

And just like the Champions League, away goals rule applies, except in the finals where you play extra time in case of a tie.

Try Copa Libertadores FK here

2) New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer allows the players to experience a personal journey through the footballing world.

At the start, the user needs to get past his trial by learning the simple passing routines and shooting exercises.

This is followed by signing a contract with a lower league club and then it is all about rising through the ranks and getting to a top European club.

Try New Star Soccer here

3) Football Legend Online

Football Legend Online is another online football game which allows the players a more detailed footballing experience.

You can dribble and even control your shooting in this game. Furthermore, improved gameplay and 3D quality graphics make this one of the best online games around.

Try Football Legend online here

4) Football Superstars

Football Superstars is another premium online footballing experience with very good graphics and a detailed database.

Here you can play with some established international players. The only difference with the other games is that you need to run the setup before playing it online.

Players can compete with millions of other fans from across the globe. There is a leader board where you get to see the scores and achievement of other players and then improve accordingly.

Try Football Superstars here

5) England Soccer League

England Soccer League provides an experience closest to that of FIFA or PES.

Here you can choose the English club of your choice and enjoy a gameplay similar to that of FIFA/PES.

However, the names of the clubs and the players are spelt differently for copyright reasons.

Other than that it is a very fulfilling online experience in case you do not want to shell out top dollar for the high-end games.

Try England soccer league here

6) Goal United Pro

Goal United Pro lets you experience the life of a manager.

This online game is similar to that of Football Manager and all you need to do is decide the training routine, tactics, starting lineups, player rotation. Also, there is the option to buy and sell players.

Try Goal United Pro here

7) Online Soccer Manager

Just like Goal United Pro, this game offers you the experience of managing a club without actually playing football yourself.

Online Soccer Manager has tie-ups with top clubs like Juventus and has a huge database of clubs and players.

You can register with your email or social media accounts before starting the game.

Try Online Soccer Manager here

8) Stick Football

Stick Football allows you to build your own team and play as many matches as you want.

It also comes with some advanced features like Swerve shot or drilled placement shots.

Try Stick Football here

9) The Champions 4

This is an online based 5-a-side football game.

You can create your own team and customise players. For example, edit player’s skin tone or hairstyle.

You will compete with the AI with your custom build side.

Try The Champions 4 here 

10) Football Champions

This is an online based penalty kick taking game.

You can choose from several world-class players from around the world including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar.

Try Football Champions here

11) SpeedPlay World Soccer 4

SpeedPlay will test your control and precision.

With more advanced movement and better AI, players can be made to press all over the pitch with the Keyboard or a Mouse.

The objective is to outscore the opposition in the allotted time.

There are several international teams to choose from. Furthermore, there is also a game mode that allows you to play penalty shootouts without having to play the match.

Try Speedplay World Soccer 4 here 

12) Soccer Pro

Soccer Pro is one of the most popular and user-friendly games out there.

Produced by Mini Clip (the makers of 8 Ball Pool), it has a comprehensive gameplay including fancy dribbles and efficient shooting.

You can increase your player’s attributes like pace by running through boosters carefully placed around the pitch.

Try Soccer Pro here

13) Lords of Football

Lords of Football will allow the users to take control of the club as a manager. But this online based game requires a more detailed approach.

You will need to mentor your players off the pitch as well.

Furthermore, you need to make sure you are achieving the club President’s goals (such as the Champions League).

Here you can take control of a professional club in England, France, Spain or Germany.

Try Lords of football here 

14) Goalkeeper Premier

This is a penalty shootout game where you are the keeper.

All you have to do is save the shots.

There is a wide variety of teams to choose from including the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Try Goalkeeper Premier here 

15) Crossing Cup

This is a browser based game focusing only on set pieces.

Here you can pick a variety of international teams and all you have to do is cross the ball from a corner accurately and then head it into the goal.

This is then followed up by you defending an opposition corner.

Try crossing cup here

16) Soccer Balls 2

Soccer Balls is a simple football game perfectly suited for children or those that a new to football games.

All you need to do is pick an international or domestic side and then dribble past your opposition to score a goal.

Try Soccer Balls 2 here 

17) Hattrick

Hattrick is an online based football game which is very similar to OSM, Goal United Pro and Lords of Football.

Here you take charge of the club as a manager and your job is to win titles for your team and help the players grow.

You are in charge of training, tactics substitutions etc.

Try Hattrick here

18) Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016

This game is pretty self-explanatory.

All you have to do is choose one of your favorite football teams from around the world and defend your goal.

Once you have managed to protect your goal, you have to try and score a penalty yourself now.

Try Penalty shootout: Euro Cup 2016 here 

19) Real Freekick 3D

This online based football game is centered on free kicks.

Simply score your team’s free kicks and help them make it to the finals.

Try Real Freekick 3D here 

20) The Champions 2016

The Champions 2016 provides an intense footballing experience.

Here you can design your own players and then control them with arrows. Determine their actions with keys – X will pass and C will shoot.

The fatigue indicator shows when the player is most and least effective.

If the green circle around the ball-carrier is depleted, the player is tired and that will affect his efficiency and speed.

Try The Champions 2016 here 

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